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Thread: Damage for Dummies

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    Default Damage for Dummies (warning: everyone is dps in AoC)

    To any prospective reader: Sorry folks, this guide has been removed. You're on your own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cins View Post
    Now I don't know if "hit vs evade/immune" and "crit vs critigation" calculations subtract enemy’s stats from yours or if they work as another "dice roll" afterwards. This distinction may or may not be mathematically significant but I personally have no idea.
    Evade/immunity decreses the hitrating of your attacker, not directly but it is done in the same roll.
    (attacker level+hitrate vs defender level+evade/immunity)

    Critical and critigation are two diffrent rolls, critigation only comes into play if there is a successfull critical roll, there is no stat that decreases the chance of suffering Critical hit. Critigation only mitigates the Critical after it occurs.
    (attacker critical roll then if successfull defender critigation roll)

    Tenacity stat decreses the critigation chance of your target.
    (tenacity vs critigation roll)
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    [is it half? 75%? I don't actually know]
    IIRC they've changed it to 75% somewhere in 2009.

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    How's +Weapon Damage working? Is it added to weapons base dps? A toon with a weapon that has 100dps and +10% weapon damage = 110 dps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlightlyMad View Post
    How's +Weapon Damage working? Is it added to weapons base dps? A toon with a weapon that has 100dps and +10% weapon damage = 110 dps?

    Since the message would be to short: when dual wielding, keep the weapon with highest base dps in the right hand (left gear slot).

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    Tenacity lowers critigation ammount, not chance.

    Some info on mob/player shielding would be nice for this thread too. It's a vital part of doing damage as pretty much all melee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cins View Post
    Note: When you tap a movement button twice quickly in combat, you'll make a little jump in that direction. If you do this to left or right, you gain a 5% increase to your Immunity Chance for a few seconds. If you do this towards back, you gain a 5% increase to your Evade Chance for a few seconds (if you time this right you can prevent yourself from getting a knockback). This has nothing to do with damage but it's a little trivia that might or might not save your life someday.
    IIRC :
    Tapping sideways increases your immunity by 10%, and your evade by 2% per point invested on some pvp general bronze perk.
    Tapping backwards increases your evade by 25% (the buff is shorter than the immunity one).
    Tapping in any direction with accurate timing will prevent from getting a knockback but it's more an animation glitch than an intended mechanic.
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    Double tapping forward gives you a buff that last about 8s which gives your melee hits a chance to stun for a short period of time

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    Guide has been updated with defense and debuff info. Probably to prove that I have the most spare time out of all AoC players.

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