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Thread: Crom Raid Progression

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConanLogan View Post
    Wrath of Amra & Bloodfrenzy downed Champion of the Honorguard T5 Really great, never give up, never surrender!

    Killed him on 10.10.17, 21:41 GMT:
    "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"
    gz guys, i am proud of you, also if you not waited me
    Victory or Death

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    Wink Hell Yeah!

    Over two years after we started Tier 5, never gave up, never surrendered, Wrath of Amra, Bloodfrenzy & Friends proudly present the dead Kylikki!

    (Killed Sunday, Jan 21st, 22:35 UTC)

    On the picture you can see some people (I think six) with whom I started doing Tier 1 raids almost five years years ago when I started playing AoC, Damiel being the raid leader back in the days. We always sticked together and made our own way until this victory and raided together the whole time, no one of us left the guild in order to progress faster. Wrath of Amra (well, actually named "Heroes vs. Villains" back then) was founded in January 2013, I joined being blind invited in March 2013.

    Thank you all who made it possible!!
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    Congratulation, Wrath of Amra and Crandar!

    Nice to see progression raids still enthusiastic and successful!

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    Grats on sticking with it.

    Now get into T6 and kill some more bosses!

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