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Thread: How to Heal

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    Because AoC mechanics are far from obvious, and explaining all in details would require walls of text on every single tool tip.

    On a side note, discovering mechanics is a large part of the fun when starting a new class.
    This is also what people call skill, and that's why AoC is awesome, because you need skill over anything else to perform, no matter what.

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    True. But the text on the Wave of Life tooltip as it stands is a lie and misleading. It would only take a rewording of the existing line of text to correct it.

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    The double tick for blue heals really works only every 15 seconds. Get beat up and spam blue to see for yourself.

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    First rule in AoC is "Don't trust the tooltip"

    A lot of stuff can be just licentia poetica and not an actual mechanic. A lot of stuff can apply invisible timers or debuffs and it's hard to prove if it's working (like extra hate or miss chance).

    Anyway, the healing part of blue heal works the same for all classes and the extra 192 mechanic was mythbusted by Macduff at the beginning of this thread.

    IMO you should always adjust your heals to aggro swap and encounter dynamic. Many encounters can be done with minimal use of nukes if tanks do their job right.

    F.e. if I heal tanks on Yah-Chieng, I try to avoid using any nukes or mitigation buffs during the dps phase because blue+green is enough if you have enough tanks (and DS) and it's guaranteed I will need everything on clones phase. On Zodiac I will be saving nukes for pulls/positioning (because one tank does that and gets a few extra hits in the process) and when there's a problem with disabling the fire dot - when it's full burn the tanks should switch aggro regularly and heal up on meteor. Every fight has it's own flavour.

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    Default "Too bad as a Healer". I POM the Night/Day away

    Ci is good post in small way u understand simple part of it. Not going Elaborate cause many Veterans of this game have posted great Guides. besides later on I will have my Healers How to Guide.
    Most successful heals come by Tanks & assorted others Using Health Potions in raids is a tremendous push in healing as well. Look i have been hanging with Veteran Warriors of AOC & even in PVP they love them little potions do give that extra hope.
    If you never been a healer with Raids, Groups, Solo Potions Potions Potions keep them running Heck PVP guys spam crap out em. You might say Oh I never seen benefit of what a little 64 health point do in raids, groups but it does have a huge help. Think of it this way if Developer of Games understands the importance of Potions & Food Buffs why would anyone that just plays has not figure such simple thing.
    I have been nearly 6 years here playing every Raid or Group that tanks ran those tiny insignificant potions or foods & yea been part of raids & groups were by now done 4-6 of em a week. since i had 10 lvl 80's that long as well. Seen it potion runners have that extra edge.

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