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Thread: HoX Raid Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by tafale View Post
    Combo and Spell Merging
    You should always try to fill the Burn to Death combo with spells. In practice it means for example doing Hellfire Breath, Burn to Death combo till the last key, Tongue of Xotli followed by another Hellfire Breath before hitting the last key. All this is done in one combo
    Could someone explain to a beginner the reasoning behind doing so?

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    Absolutely none. Except you should always use instant damage spells as often you can, between combo steps. Use other damage spells on downtime of combos. Doing cast time spells in steps of Burn to Death makes the time between Burn to Death combos longer, and thus less time that the dot is up. Flame Lash and Tongue of Xotli are long casters, so be sure it is worth it before wasting time on them.
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    Main reason is to cast HFB always on cd.Also never molding spells in but going with the long combo finisher only ends up in losing more time or not casting stuff that are on cd thus losing dps.Anyone saying otherwise hasn't played his hox enough.Flame lash is highly situatonal and rarely used though and tongue is on high cd so those two won't really affect your rotation.
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    Ofc spam HfB as often as possible it is obvious just exactly as is desribed above.

    Anyway I would use buffed spells Tongue of Xotli + Flame Lash (with full stacks) just when Glorious Exultation of Xotli is on second part with debuff to your weapon dmg....
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    All right, next newbie question.

    I have seen a mention of a few different builds in this thread, but find it hard to evaluate them properly yet. Hence, what is currently considered the highest DPS single target PvE talent build for high end gear, assuming no special boss mechanics or resistances (i.e. the strawman)?

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    You could have a look at this thread, a few pages with discussing builds here.

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    I'm not enough of an expert to really contribute any content to this thread. Anyhow, I want to say: great work! This forum needs more Class Raid Guides.
    Make Hyboria raid again!

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    Does anyone know if the talent 'Hatred of the Living' really gives +2% to the damage done of Hellfire Breath, or whether in fact the multiplier is only applied to the spells base damage like with so many talents across all classes, reducing the benefit considerably?

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    Pretty sure that it is only the base spell damage of Hellfire Breath that is affected. If a buff enhances the total damage throughput including the critical damage and bonus spell damage, that is normally typed like "+X% Damage Modifier" and then all types of spells and hits for all classes are accounted for. As long as something is written in perspective to a combo or spell specifically, it is normally the combo starter and finisher or base spell damage that is improved by it.

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