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Thread: -=Suggestion Thread=-

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    [PVE] Ability to trade in a fixed number of T3 simple tokens for chests containing random loot table of rare Potions & Buffs.

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    [Crafting] Allow ability to craft trebuchets/catapults/ other war machines from raw materials. This notion that sieging a battlekeep should bankrupt a player is retarded. Even the highest quality siege engines die before they can get a single shot off more or less.

    Being able to craft siege engines would be a great game changer
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    [PvE] Stop giving me con pots, remove them from the game!!

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    [Items] Give us level 80 pots.

    [Misc] Increase big heal returns
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    [PVE] Make non-combat vanity pet stay during combat. Make vanity pet that obviously can fight able to fight like regular combat pet (ridiculously low damage is fine).

    I don't see why a pirate companion or a hyena should disappear during fight while a wolf would combat.
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    [PVE] Make slaughter house instance in thunder river available upwards from level 60, scaling enemies with level offering updated rewards & repeatable daily quests.

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    [PVE] All playfields including city hubs should have all weather system enabled.

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    [PVP] Mass PVP (24 vs 24) Battle keep siege matches should be available 24/7 for all the player base, access via in game signup along with the other PVP games available.

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    [PVE] Current Epic playfields should be all converted to normal/unchained level 80 zones offering new daily quests & rewards contributing to a faction system based on the old world of Hyperborea.

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    [PVE] Make T1/2/3 weapons (and accessories) buyable through relics.

    [PVE] Make relics, thropies, tokens account-bound.

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