Community Update – July 20th

The next step of the single server technology is upon us, and on August 7th/8th we will be implementing the next stage of the technology upgrade. This is a process for consolidating the databases so that we can proceed with the single server implementation. For our players who are unfamiliar with this single server technology, you will want to check out this link to see how it all works, and the great changes it will bring to how players get to interact.

With this upgrade, the existing dimensions will be consolidated together by type. What this means for our players is that the US and EU regions will be combined into three dimensions each; one will be PVE, one will be PVP, and one will be Blood & Glory. Set and Wiccana will be combined, and Asgard and Mitra will be combined into the EU PvP and EU PvE dimensions, respectively.

It is important to note that the single server technology will not be able to unite the US and EU dimensions, as the technical considerations are just too risky. The core architecture of the game was built well before this was even an inkling of an idea in a coder’s brain and, after extensive analysis of the possibilities, it is simply too risky to try and merge the US and EU dimensions together. Too many elements of the code structure were built on those territories being unique and, after over four years live, those roots simply go too deep for us to comfortably merge the two territories. Everything within those territories will still benefit from the technology, but we won’t be able to go to the full cross territory implementation that you see in The Secret World.

We hope that you are as excited to get this new single server technology as we are to be implementing it!