Dreamworld Engine Update

Nearly there! We are in the final stages of testing now, really down to the last stretch and the last few tasks and testing

Work on the Dreamworld integration is going on and there was another update to the test servers two days ago. As some of you have noticed, in the latest version deployed to the test servers the Anti-Aliasing option has now been disabled. With the new technology used in the Dreamworld engine upgrade, Anti-Aliasing provided by graphic cards is not working with the new Deffered Shading. This means there will be an integrated AA solution provided by the Dreamworld engine. During our current internal testing we saw that the performance and stability of this solution is not where we want it to be yet. Because we don't want to release a feature that is not working or performing in an acceptable manner, we decided to deactivate AA for now until the implementation of this solution is working with the new Dreamworld technology integration. We are now looking at other options for a different implementation, and hopefully the render folk will be able to find a good solution, even if it may not come in the launch version.

As we are now close we wanted to thank everyone who has helped test this version so far on the test server and would love to see you all come to the test server over the last week so that we can get these final set of tests wrapped up.

New Community Features coming up

Last week we mentioned that we have some community features in the pipeline for 2011. One of those involves that we put the spotlight on some of the most important people related to Age of Conan ... you the players. We will speak to some of you guys directly and give you the chance to introduce yourselves to your fellow Hyborians. Among other things (like introduce your guild or name your most awesome moment in Hyboria) that will mean you'll also get the chance to say what you like about the game and what you think should be improved. We start to contact the first of you guys before the end of February and we will surely try to include players from all language territories.

New Item Packs on the Billing Page

As we have seen positive interest towards the virtual packages that have been for sale until now, we have decided to extend these forms of offers, and are today launching several new packages with virtual items. These range from social pets to powerful teleport teachings and many types of experience potions. These packs are intended to provide all players with the option to benefit from the items included in the previous offers, and to allow newer players a chance to get some of the older exclusive items. We hope these will work well in conjunction with the veteran award system for new and old players alike. The offers are all available for Funcom points, and are available on your account page.