As mentioned last week, the new PvP minigame map “The Call of Jhebbal Sag” for 12 vs 12 player gameplay is available on the test servers for players to check out and test. The first tweaks and improvements have already been made on the testservers and despite the great received feedback and input, we would like to get even more players to test it and help us iron out as many possible issues before it gets available on the live servers.

To achieve this we plan to hold a specific test session in a few days for the new PvP content where players who help us test get the chance to win some prizes. Additional information will be posted very soon and we hope we get many of you guys to participate. Keep your eyes open for the announcement of this PvP test event.

At the moment we plan to have the current available new content on test ready for the live servers in December (pending testing, like mentioned above ). Additional content and the Dreamworld engine integration should also hit the test servers in the next few weeks. Since we are doing this update in stages rather than in a single big one, we have the chance to deploy parts to live while others can get tested and tweaked longer on the test servers if needed.