Community Update – 5th November

The first content additions of update 2.1 have been deployed to the test servers end of last week. This includes the new PvP minigame map “The Call of Jhebbal Sag” for 12 vs 12 player gameplay. The feedback from players who tested it is already very good and we would like to encourage as many of you as possible to go to the test servers and help with the testing. It is a very important part of the development cycle and the more input and reports we receive the better we can make sure it will be available on the live servers soon for all to enjoy.

The tech part of the update series is now in internal testing and is being prepared for the test servers. So hopefully we will have more content additions and updates ready for the test servers in a few weeks and the teams are also still hard at work to get the Dreamworld engine integration part of the update ready for external testing. The reason for doing this series in stages, rather than in one big push, is that should the tech integration require additional testing we will still be able to start the series with the content currently in testing so that you all don't have to wait for everything to be ready before you can enjoy the parts that are available.

Your Community Team