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  1. Returning player looking to level a dps class this time around

    I'm planning on returning very soon and I'm looking to into leveling a DPS (Rogue or Mage class this time around so which of the DPS classes are fun to play as and have good survivability but please...
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    New to Dark Templar Tanking or DPS

    hey again I decide to roll a Dark Templar mainly be case I wasn't a big fan of Bear Shaman and I wanted a class that could wear heavy armor and have a higher survival rate and I was wondering what's...
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    Need help on a bear shaman build

    hey everyone I'm looking for a good bear shaman build that focus for dungeons and raids as a dps and buffing also so far I'm around level 20-25 on my Shaman and thank for your time and help.
  4. alright Thanks Shanx I think ill go Bear shaman...

    alright Thanks Shanx I think ill go Bear shaman 1st then a make a Hox or barbarian thanks for the help
  5. Returning player and looking for a new class to play as

    Hey everyone

    I played Age of Conan on and off I came back due to the free to play update and I'm looking for a new class to play as and I picked a few that I'm interested in play as I'm looking...
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