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  1. Misery Loves Company

    Sorry to see you have this problem too. I'm currently exchanging e-mails with customer service and we're having no luck. Have you found anything that works? I've seen about 5 other threads in the...
  2. I think the main point of the argument is...

    I think the main point of the argument is SOMETHING needs to be done.
    No one denies there is a lot of work involved, but presumably it is less than that involved in a new zone.
    A new membership...
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    Bag of the Mammoth Rider

    The Starter Pack from Steam comes with two bags, a large one and a bit smaller one called the Bag of the Mammoth Rider. Does this bag have a special function?

    Is there some way to use this like...
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    Problem Solved

    I cleared all the hot keys, so all the bars were empty.
    Returned the key bindings to default.
    Quit the game.
    Installed one of the 3x25 ui's.
    Did the bind the keys, beat the boss, and log out...
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    Hot Bar Imprints

    I'm using the BIG version and am enjoying it. Before I installed it, I had rebound most of the keys to suit myself. I had a tough time re-assigning the keys, but on the third attempt it worked.......
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