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    Changing the Health/Healing Text Color

    I have been playing with the text colors in the textcolor.xml file and everything was fine and dandy until I tried to change my Healing Colors. It may be a 2 part issue though.

    I do not know for...
  2. I'm just getting in to modifying UI's and I can't...

    I'm just getting in to modifying UI's and I can't help you yet, but from what I have figured out, I believe you would be able to "define" a new "text family" and then call out the text you want to...
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    Add a Third Row for Center Bars

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to add the third row for the center bars similar to say "Stonerune UI". I quite like this UI but I would like to key bind "7" "8" "9" along a third center bar....
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