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    No lvl 50 crafted light armor for Barbs

    Let me just say that is complete bullsh!t!

    Finally got to level 50 to craft some armor for my barbarian and all the light armor has wisdom stats - ALL OF IT!

    That's wrong....
  2. LOL! Thanks. After some exploring I noticed...

    LOL! Thanks. After some exploring I noticed under special items in the store it had a "intermediate" for my lvl 28 and a "master bundle" for my lvl 56 - in the bundles it had level 80 armor that...
  3. Thanks - what about the level/specific class...

    Thanks - what about the level/specific class weapons and armor? Some of it was pretty cool for social outfits and it often time helped me get through stuff
  4. Used offline level to get to 50, can't use lvl 50 items

    Was level 49, used offline leveling as encouraged by Funcom to level to 51 - can't use lvl 50 sword I've had for a few levels because "level too low"

    EDIT: Had to wait an hour or so for it to...
  5. Something I'm not "getting" in the "new" store

    Have they removed the class/level specific armor and weapons from the store and have the also removed the social items like clothing? I'd be disappointed because I was going to get some of the...
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    The rough leather drop is BS

    So gold, silver, electrum, & copper are all over the freaking world but you have to go to specific areas and kill 20-40 beats to maybe get 1 rough leather?

    This is absolute bull. You mean to tell...
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    Thanks for the disconnects, bye!

    I've spent a lot of cash on this game, played a lot of hours and I get kicked off this game more than any game I've played. I know, I know, its me right? So why do I never get kicked off other...
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    Just made ranger and huh?

    Just started playing game after a false start. Had a bit of fun with barbarian so tried ranger and I'm a tad bit confused. Tried NPH channel but got a lot of grief.

    How do you make your bow...
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