Hello everyone!

As you may have heard from our stream last Friday or other word of mouth, we're opening new official forums for Age of Conan.
Click here to check it out! You can read without making an account, but you'll have to click on the "sign Up" button on the top right corner and register in order to reply and make posts.

With the new start of the Saga Server we also want new beginnings of fresh and modern forums; it will seem pretty different from what you're used to here, but these new forums offer a much better community experience. You're able to keep better track of threads you are interested in and follow, personalize your profile, give feedback to comments, and have easy access to news and updates. It also includes a trust system; the more active or helpful you are in the community, the higher your trust level increases, allowing you access to more features. The Age of Conan forums will remain separate from our other games, but if you'd like to sneak a peek on the others, they'll be easy to navigate on the home page in the forums. They are unavailable right now, but we'll be opening those as well at a later time.

We want everyone to ease into this transition and make sure you have time to get comfortable learning how these new forums work, so we'll keep these old forums open until February 14th. They will be locked and archived after this date, but available to visit and look through if you wish. We've moved important information over to the new forums already, but if you believe there is anything missing or threads you want moved over to the new forums that should be added, please let us know! We're also open to suggestions and feedback to the forums overall if you feel there's something we can change to make it more informative, visually appealing, or easy to navigate.

After you've created an account, feel free to start off posting in this general thread to test the waters and introduce yourself or just talk about your day. Again, we would love your feedback for the good and the bad on your feelings to these new forums but we ask that you look around a bit first and try it out!