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Thread: Saga server !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patoson View Post
    Will the extra fatality chance persist in Crom when Saga ends?
    This buff is only present on the Saga server.
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    Then there's no reason for me to keep playing in Saga. A higher fatality chance was really interesting, if it were to be applied to everyone in the entire game, because fatalities are one of the best things in the game.

    I've already cleared T6 and everything else in the game for a long time, so PvE loot doesn't interest me, especially if it's something I already got before. And if some people can't get that gear normally, what's the point of giving it to them for free? Let them earn it like the rest of us. Well, it's just the typical thing happening in AoC - the dumbification (and ruin) of a great game and the manipulation of its playerbase.

    I'm not going to level up to 80 all over again because I've done it numerous times and I hate it. That's what offline levels were for, to help people with the nuisance of levelling up alts - something that was removed from the game during the "revamp" of the item shop, which did nothing but screw over veterans and force people to pay while the company milks people.

    I was fooled for a moment there. The high fatality chance was really appealing, but I appreciate that you tell me it's going to disappear after Saga ends, because at least now I can forget about Saga, although I can't really play the game because everyone is there and Crom is dead.

    I never saw such derailment of a game like this before. From a great pvp game, to... I don't know what to call it, but a paradise for cheaters where you get banned for swearing in global. *Facepalm*

    If you really want to save this game, and I'm being very nice and optimistic here, just in case there really is some positive intention behind all this, focus on fixing bugs, like getting coward's shame + abandoned mini or deserter debuffs when the server crashes / you lose connection, getting knocked back / feared under the map, the flag pick-up-interrupt bug in Capture the Skull minis, the raid list bug in JS if you join too soon, and probably some other important bugs I'm forgetting... but, most importantly, ban cheaters and griefers, and, if you don't know how to tell if someone cheats, then get someone who knows the game mechanics to help you. It does not matter how much you try to persuade people when all of these bugs and problems are still there.

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    What is the daily login reward? I get a blank window when I bring it up.

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    Ok... that server was a good idea for the limited ressources you have... but..... why do you get THAT greedy in such a frustrating way, Funcom?

    Why do you try to force ppl THAT much to buy a damn expensive horse?

    Usually ppl who already paid a LOT would have one from claims... deleted from Saga server....

    Usually ppl who already paid a LOT would have their account-wide achievement points for camel (and ports)... deleted from Saga Server...

    Usually ppl who already paid a LOT would have the veteran trader to get ports and horses theer ... deleted from Saga server...

    And that 300 FC Points horse in starter back is same speed as running + you get knockback every 2nd hit.... thats a ****ery, totally unnecessary hardship, pisses me off majorly.

    Will be a long long grind for 1G to get that damn slow horse which is way faster than the one from starter pack... and no, i wont buy the lvl 50 box for 1500 Points... you ll find other idiots, I got back up my sub for a month spend money for 600 FC points, but thats it. Nothing more. Too frustrating. Really unnecessary bad move, Funcom.

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    Both servers is dead as far as I understand.

    On Fury is impossible to find any single minigame in primetime.

    Devs need to merge servers as fast as it possible coz now Fury haven't any pvp or pve content.

    And I don't understand for what I have paid an annual subscription two months earlier.

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    Saga server is only for sub players? Oh bad idea... This game dies so fast, why ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemathap View Post
    Saga server is only for sub players? Oh bad idea... This game dies so fast, why ?!
    Saga server is for everyone
    Victory or Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemathap View Post
    Saga server is only for sub players? Oh bad idea... This game dies so fast, why ?!
    May be you need to change an interface to default to see Saga server icon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patoson View Post
    Then there's no reason for me to keep playing in Saga..
    Just create a char and play when bored. That is what I will do, I get one free char slot and maybe go for 80, or finish it off on Crom. Those few t6s are just extras (you get one weapon at level 50 is all i saw so far), pretty cool imo. It is many days til May.

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    Post Hypocrites

    Saga is for all players but 99% for "item shoppers " and grinders. All these years players mostly veterans complained about no new content, that game become p2w etc... And now after funcon released the oldest content in game they were the first to pop in ,start grinding and buying from item shop.

    They were saying to funcom : dont enable rf, don't enable item shop, don't enable AAs , we want players to be equal , to play only with skill ,(funcom enabled them all).Now they grind and buy like crazy to be better from others
    PvP players were saying : if its not PvP rule set , we won't roll on saga : fury now is dead, they are all now on saga

    ( funkom : keep it like this, you don't really to do something new about this GREAT game)

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