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Thread: What was the name of the skills for the barbarian damage bug way back on release?

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    Default What was the name of the skills for the barbarian damage bug way back on release?

    So at release back in 2008, the game was terrible. Enough said there. Particularly, there was one bug I used a lot for the barbarian. You could knock over your opponent and your next auto attack was supposed to do something like 300% more damage. However, ANY skill did 300% more damage instead. I think there was an execute or some other high cooldown move that did insane damage, and when couple with the knockdown 300% move it basically one-shot anything.

    Anyone remember what the two skills were?

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    Probably 'No Escape' or decapitation
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    Impale gave a 100% chance of offhand hits. You could knock someone down and use cyclone of steel, and every single attack within the cyclone of steel would proc an offhand as well as whatever else you might use with it (ie dance of death/Armageddon falls).

    It was later changed so impale only caused an offhand hit at the end of a combo and not for every individual strike within it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post
    Probably 'No Escape' or decapitation
    That charged the person right? I think that was it, after the move that kicked them down and added damage.

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    If I remember right, it was the "Finishing Blow" charge after knockback ability. It was giving you like 300% dmg buff, so decap right after and boom one shot.

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