Listen well Child for our wisdom flows so sweet; before these days, at the beginning….no…Before the before the before, for there were many beginnings for our creation. A little Child glimpsed the Tail of a Dragon in a lake, in what would come to be known as the land beyond the wall, Khitai, she was but a toddler who barely learned how to speak, she looked into the waters and tried to grab the tail and she fell into the lake…some folk saved her; a couple of farmers, a merchant, and a young noble among others…half drowning, the child whispered to them about so many secrets, sacred obscenities, sweet nothings….when the childling prophet died, those who listened became the first converts….the Dragon was Born.

Among the first of the Converts was a young man, a humble farmer with a mind that exceeds most of the Han (Farmers) and an Ambition that would eclipse all, he was said to be a dark child, brooding and quiet most of the time, talking to himself or to his demons, he was highly intelligent & cunning, ruthless to an extreme, creative and arrogant his mother always told him that he was not meant for the life of a Han but that of a Zhou (Imperial Noble) he dismissed those for foolish wishful thinking but he saw the potential within himself, for his family had far more ancient roots than he thought But, for what he knew, his mother was a horsewoman of the desert tribes to the north, savage as they were, she conceived him and yet he was not the son of the one whom she married, he didn't know more, he was a brother amongst eight other brothers, his name was Zhuge Ah-cy….Zhuge being the Farmer's name and the boy was Ah-cy….

Young Ah-cy was among the first to hear the whispers of the Dragon Prophet, and immediately he saw purpose burning before him, but not in servitude, for he had a proud soul & knew not how to serve, yet he knew how to feign servitude, amongst the converts he retreated to the mountains and was surprised to find others flocking to the Call of the Dragon, from all across Khitai, that was way before the wall was erected, the first wall, or the one before? Don't think child…just listen….for our wisdom flows so sweet….listen to the voices, for they speak the truth, You're are cursed with free will….yet you dance to our whispers….

Ah-cy became a Monk of the Dragon, some Monks took a vow of silence their mouths sealed hiding the secrets they learned, but the child wanted to make sure he is more overzealous he wanted to learn more, to listen to more secrets sealed behind a mouth sewn Shut, metaphors mean nothing when thread and needle are so cheap….but it worked and he ascended, the Dragon turned out to have chosen another child to be his prophet and the Monks brought him to the monastery high up the mountains they were, many recruits came, many listened and obeyed…random acts, the link and connection between them…meaningless, Ah-cy admired it…the Controlled Chaos, the ruthless planning behind the mask of anarchy, this was the way of the Dragon….he continued to learn, the recruits brought many texts, many volumes, and the Dragon would whisper to his entranced followers, particularly the Monks….Ah-cy became educated in more than just Mandir, High or Low, he understood more, he learned of the Heavens, the Underworld, the Dream lands…and then they began to whisper to him….

Do not listen to the Voices child, for they lead only to ruin…the Black Signal, it whispered, the dark matter of the void, one exhumed by being Ancient when our world Is infant, they seek to destroy, some seek to play, amused by the termites gifted with so much hidden potential, he began to listen, the Dragon Monks warned "not to listen, for our minds are only receptive to the sweet whispers of the Dragon…" he disobeyed but he feigned obedience, to his surprise the Dragon never stopped guiding his actions, he became even more secretive, he would venture to caves not just to meditate but to summon Kuei…Demons…each pit he dug, each drop of blood he gave and incantation he spoke, he grew stronger, he grew more knowledgeable but he grew more corrupted…the black signal corrupts….Do not listen to the Voices Child, for they lead only to Ruin…..

Ah-Cy listened to odd stories, even more odd names; a King in Yellow, the Messenger of the Old Gods, cities drowned in the deepest oceans, and ruins hiding beneath the sands baring its fangs, ready to strike like a cobra, a Darkness yet to come, the Dream of an old god sprung our world into existence…Azathoth, the Engines that make the earth live on…Gaia Survived on technology more ancient than any would think….Magic…is powerful but only the chosen few can truly use it, even among the Dragon not many were gifted…but he….He was truly gifted, the elements danced to his whim & he was forged into perfection, the voices began to whisper louder, his façade began to pale, the mouth sewn shut began to desire release, He saw the patterns behind the Chaos, the truth behind the lies, the plan behind the randomness….He began to….Disobey….

The Monastery burned to the ground, Demons ran rampant and Filth consumed the monks, Black whispers filled their minds, and those who did not revert died….the Mortals thought it betrayal but the Head of the Dragon knew, the time to close this cycle has come….an age was ending….and the Dragon had to retire only to return at a later date….Ah-Cy stood as the hosts he summoned consumed the monastery in Black Flames….yet he was warned, When the Dragon comes back, they will come for him, for as he heard the Whispers….he knew….they did not, not with the same clarity, such is the way of the Dragon & He understood it….He turned and walked towards Civilization just as he unsealed his mouth and took the first breath of freedom, his oath broken, he knew so much but he hungered for more, the world was so young….he thought….but the voices whispered "No, the world is Ancient, even if this is merely the first age…." He ventured to the world….

Zhuge Ah-cy learned many secrets as a Mute Monk….martial arts, his body, mind and spirit were as best as a mortal can be, and even more by the favor of his Gods…they also whispered to him a lot more…..He was not the son of a Mere farmer, but a Son of a Gong, a Noble lord, in service to the Jade Throne….he must take his place, he went to the palace in the guise of a poor beggar, he requested to sleep inside, just for one night, for he had no where to go, in Khitai, hospitality was not a trait but Honor demanded it, if even to a minimum, they let a serpent in amongst them, but they cared little for what could a simple beggar do, his entire body was tattood with symbols and strange sigils that he hid underneath ragged clothing, he saw he who was supposed to be his father, the Old ones whispered of the man's debt to them, the father was supposed to be their harbinger yet he used their wisdom to grow in wealth and power, even know, gnarled and old he sleeps with a girl half his age, disgusting is the word for it….he craved her, Ah-cy, he craved it all, the Gold, the Jade, the prestige, the lands and the Power….next morning he left the Palace but he swore he would return…and indeed….he began to beseech the old Gods, they gave him power to invade minds and toying with the old man's mind was a Delight Sima Yue, was once a powerful man he had the ears of the Emperor himself….a member of his Seven advisors, he was a Di, a Sage-king, people learned to fear him, but Sima Yue stopped being fearless and ferocious, he gulped on honey…and not from our bosom child, he betrayed his mission…..Ah-cy broke the man's mind & had him call his men to find him the poor beggar who came to them nights before, he was his son, he said, and as such Ah-cy entered the Palace of Sima, and it wasn’t too long that he murdered the Old fool, a mercy killing everyone thought, and the young wives were delighted by the new Tiger among them….yet as deeply as he indulged himself he did not lose goal, he wanted the Empire, and although the Seven Kings can never claim the seat of Emperor he did not Care….he coveted the Jade Throne….

Are you still listening child? Ambition Is a powerful weapon & Greed can be a great incentive to one who had nothing….he was still young, surprisingly a young man of twenty or so…or was he? He was much older….we know, for we gave him the bliss, he was old but he looked young & powerful, the blood in his veins turned black with corruption, and the true sorcery he practiced while powerful also made sure he was no longer Human….he was a mere Gong, a simple nobleman who sought the ear of the Jade Emperor….he spent a wealth on learning more about the administration & sorcery & Gods, though civilization had no secrets for him, for the Dragon whispered its secrets, it warned that a Prophet was coming, his time was short, the Old ones whispered too, and he acted accordingly, many in line to the office he wanted died under mysterious and gruesome circumstances, he rose to sit as a minister, then further & further till he became a Di…a Sage King….years passed, he still barely grew older, despite it all….he looked young & one day the Emperor's concubine murdered the Emperor….she carved a Sign on his chest and mumbled about it, poor child, she kept murmuring it to everyone she saw until they cut her head off. One sentence she whispered till her tongue couldn't flicker no more

"Have you Seen the Yellow Sign?"

Zhuge Ah-cy, now knew his true name, Sima Jia, immediately swayed all the Kings under his influence, breaking minds was his hobby and those who seek to destroy help him, our whispers were muffled child, he listened to the voices & under a blood moon he sat on the Jade Throne and killed all the Counselors, he was supreme, the Jade Emperor was not an Emperor, he basked in the Power, he relished in it, he quelled Rebellions…..but his end came sooner than he thought possible….

The Dragon came back, and they came for him, he was taken off his throne as the Counselors were renewed a new Emperor was chosen and given the Mandate just as the Old one Emperor was being murdered, they sewn his mouth Shut again and encased him in Jade buried deep under the sands of Karakorum he was, cursed to die slowly, or live in eternal agony for his body couldn't die….he experienced the Agony as the Dragon whispered their curse to him…."You shall not walk these lands again…." The man spoke the incantation proudly "forever locked in a state between life & death, denied passing to the world of the ancestors, a Kuei you are, a Demon…." The Child prophet then spoke "You will touch upon these lands again, when the yellow sands turn black with the filth of those who whisper to you, many ages from now, when the influence of the Old Gods, touches the land under the Heaven, then…." Then there was silence, but not too much, for Sima Jia wailed, he cursed and was driven insane under the toll of the whispers of his Old Masters….there was much they wanted from him, much the Dragon wanted from Him….He was now a Sleeping Dragon, only he was not sleep, the voices, the whispers the secrets, a Jade Statue stood in the midst of a Black Labyrinth….and the Ages turned….

Now comes your Age Child….a Meteor falls on the deserts of Karakorum, a Dark Star it seems, the people in the desert suffer under its damning influence, a man of power comes to the sands, takes the Entity, he hides it in his Citadel & crowns himself Emperor, falsely as one before him did….the Ages turned, the Influence of the old ones came, and from underneath the black Sands a Hand defiantly emerged, lips sewn shut….a body looked as if it never aged a Day, the sigils all over him did not pale…as he rose the sands fall off him, and he hears the whispers anew….His Sentence was finished, there is more to be done….he drew it in the Black sands….he was compelled to….not the symbol of the Dragon. For the Dragon have a prophet now and he whispers to him….but the Sign of another….of many others, a Herald…he is to become a Herald. He felt magic waning all over the world, and his memory of his incantations was not intact, he recalled much of his history…..but he did not know where his power went…the power of the world, where did it go….this land was not the one he was buried beneath, the voices whisper….a group of men see him, naked in the sand….he tries to fight them but his body is seemingly….lethargic, he fails to swing kicks and fists properly he is captured, chains are thrown around his neck and wrists, he is in a slave ship….he turns to the man next to him

"Have you Seen the Yellow Sign?"

The man next to him hears the Voice in his head just as the Ship is bombarded with something and begins to sink….Sima Jia Opens his eyes, he feels cold….the ground underneath his feet is cold…and the air seems cold….not dead but just….cold….a sound pierced his mind….the pain, the only thing worse was the disgrace he felt but he heard voices….two voices, a male and a female, ancient and wise, sinister and benevolent they whispered differently….

"Listen to the Voices, for they speak the truth…."

"Don't listen to the Voices, for they seek only ruin…."

They then spoke in unison

"The Dreamers …they will call to you….you are cursed with free will….and in the end, without your power….you are not of their whispers….And this is all just a dream"

The male spoke "This is your curse…."

The female uttered "This is your gift…."

He then awakened, he felt weak, he felt…vulnerable, something was struggling to reach him….but his mind was sealed….he needed power….he needed knowledge, he needed to do what he was meant to do, He drew the sign in the sands, he spoke with sinister clarity

"The King will come…"