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Thread: Remove : Path of Vanquisher

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    Default Remove : Path of Vanquisher

    Like most things pvp that are implemented into the the game, Path of the Vanquisher is in the top 5 lamest.
    1. It promotes unfair game play in pug minis by guilds who "scratch each others backs"
    2. It pushes more players to cheat and exploit to achieve the quest
    3. It is to dependent on others who again, will lose on purpose for guild members on the other team
    4. Minis are deader then ever
    5. The repetition of not achieving the quest , pretty much kills minis and people who feel they will never achieve the quest don't even sign up anymore
    6. Since the implementation of the quest cheating / exploiting rose 90%.

    Replace the quest with something a solo player can achieve, or remove it completely.
    IT is on the same level as the pvp gear , just stupid and was never needed..

    I would say, this is the biggest cancer quest in the entire game. It literally feeds on the lamest kind of player.
    "This games community is not a community at all, it's a cancer." Altaro | Goldenboy is my biggest fan. His shrine to me is flattering yet scary.

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    I disagree with everything you said.

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