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Thread: ToS worst powers?

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    Default ToS worst powers?

    You can't Feat everything so which ToS powers are the least valued? Cyclone, Puppets of Set, etc.

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    Every power has its place/ But the most useless is the cyclone thing, you don't need a debuff when you already have 2 +. The debuff it creates isn't worth the mana.
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    Heals def are... they waste my time where I could be dpsing. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halfdead View Post
    Heals def are... they waste my time where I could be dpsing. :P
    Take green and big heals off hotbar and the class becomes far more enjoyable.
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    yea, that's how i like to play tos too, but... please, don't tell it to tronkita!
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