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Thread: My account does not upgrade to premium for free...

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    Default My account does not upgrade to premium for free...

    As the webpage says,we get Premium membership for free,but my account does not. Why???

    Maybe i have understand bad the situation???
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    Can you please link or copy the part that makes you think premium membership is free for all?

    I think you understood something wrong. The membershipsystem goes like this: You can play the game for free (with some restrictions), or you can pay to upgrade tp premium membership, which will bring you some goodies and full access to every part of the game with no restrictions. Also, you can buy content packs, which you can enter regardless of your membership status once you bought them.

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    Would love to see the link so we know what you're talking about. But .... maybe this is what you're referring to;

    In July 2016 there was a big change in the game and content that used to be locked behind the VIP/Premium Subscription wall, was made available 'free' to all players. This included certain dungeons, being able to play in khitai without a sub as long as you owned it etc...

    Combining this post with your other post; Yes Premium is available to all ...... All those that subscribe and pay for it
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