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Thread: I give up... Options Not Saving

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    As a veteran I can tell you a trick.

    First trick:
    Set your new settings> /camp > wait the timer to 0 >settings saved

    If first trick doesn't work

    Second trick:
    Set your new settings> /camp > wait the timer to 1 > cancel timer window> /camp > wait the timer to 1 > cancel timer window> repeat 5-10times
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    There is a workaround that works.

    Make sure the setting "show hidden files and folders" is enabled. To do this go into windows control panel and click folder options and on the view tab look for "show hidden files and folders"

    Go into the following folder

    C:\Users\<your windows username>\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan and locate the "Prefs" folder

    Right click the prefs folder and uncheck the box that says read only, click apply and disable it for all sub files and folders.

    Then load up age of conan, put your settings the way you want them, hotkeys, ui settings etc. once you have it all set, leave aoc on and stay logged in but hit alt+tab to minimize the game. Or switch windows if you multi monitor

    Then go to that prefs folder again and set it to "read only" and make sure read only is on for all sub files and folders. This will lock all the settings files so they can no longer be altered by funcoms servers on login.

    You see funcom tried to implement a sync feature and the problem is every time you update your settings locally, it fails to update the cloud settings stored on the server. and every time you log in, the cloud settings overwrite your local settings. When your local files are in read only they can't be altered or overwritten so your settings are safe. Just remember you'll need to uncheck read only any time you want to change settings and put it back on when you're done.

    Hope this helps.

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