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Thread: Vanity armours,help please :)

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    Default Vanity armours,help please :)

    Ok,not been playing long,think it may be a fortnight now,but lvl 63 and want to look a bit cool.

    I have searched forum and googled it,but my search-fu is not good enough apparently

    My question is for a male mage,what are some cool ones and where can i find them?

    Preferably more robes etc,than big horned helmets tbh,but hey,you never know

    TLDR: I want to look cool help please!

    Images very welcome,thanks for reading,please use this as a "post a shot of your demo" if you like

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    at lvl 63, you can try to get the hellfury robe from aok.
    to see how it looks in game, check the various priests of set in khemi.
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    Another robe that looks the same is the Brimstoned Robe, which you can get e.g. from farming bosses in epic Field of the Dead (any open-world boss in the 40-69 level range has a chance of dropping it). At level 80, there is also a black version of the same robe (Abyssal Shroud, drops from the Martyr of Votantha in Xibaluku).

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    Default Vanity Thread in General:


    Have you checked this thread out in General? Might have something you are looking for?

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