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    So i've been playing since release but left for awhile to focus on school but with school coming to an end I am coming back to the game. I have a handful of 80s but think I wanna play my bear shammy for now. I want to do pvp most but some pve here and there as well. I play on fury so not sure how population is these days but could use some pointers on playing the class. I'm not sure where I got my feat specs but I'm interested in hearing what's good these days for pvp and pve and what are the good aa's to shoot for.

    Thanks in advance
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    for pve, use this spec: link. about aa, use vision.
    for pvp... wait for someone with more experience than me...
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    for PvE there is only one build, with one variation (rune of regrowth vs. weight of the world)

    for PvP imo "anything can work", if you have the time there is a lot to look through here, some good advice from many pov:

    if you tell me more about your playstyle, do you like to play glass cannon? do you like to be more tanky? or have more supporting tools / heals?

    bear shaman has a lot of options!

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