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    There are some points you, our community, would like to get some information about. Or even better have them fixed as soon as possible. While the following is not a real schedule or promise, we would still like to tell you where our focus in regard of fixing open issues lies at the moment. Some of these updates and fixes might come earlier than others But we are working on them and will try to have solutions for them as soon as possible. Some of those points are:

    - Tradepost NPCs
    - Field of the Dead performance improvment
    - UI changes
    - Chat colors and fixes
    - Various technical issues with hardware configurations

    There are of course also other topics we work on but the above mentioned ones are those we feel have to be fixed as soon as possible while still making sure they are fixed correctly and in a persistent manner.

    So, I hope that helps to give you a rough overview how things are. Please rest assured that we are indeed listening to your feedback and that it is very important to us to hear what our customers think. Even if you might not always get a direct answer to your questions in a post doesn't mean that we don't notice and forward them to the right people.

    We are very much looking forward to the weeks, months and years to come. The launch of an MMO is always just the beginning of an exciting journey. The first step has been made now.

    Thank you,

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    Some additional issues have been reported by players and this is to confirm that we have gathered that feedback and sent it on so they can be looked at as soon as possible:

    • Playercity buildings being destroyable at the moment
    • Exploits concerning different classes
    • Getting stuck in some playfields and unable to log back in with that character
    • Download of additonal big patches
    • Parts of the Destiny Quests which can not be finished correctly

    As soon as we have additional information on these and other issues we will inform you of course.

    Again. Thanks for your feedback and input. We hear you and do forward those points to the departments in charge.

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    We are also looking into the following issues:

    • Quest Log getting full
    • /claim not getting all the pre-order items
    • Socketed Items raise problems with other items

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    From the balance and systems team, class balance issues are being reviewed in great detail currently--based both on feedback and observations of class performance.

    Many issues are being worked on currently and we are aware that certain classes are having problems at specific level ranges. Major issues will be addressed as soon as possible.

    Thank you for the feedback in the sticky threads on each class forum, in addition to other constructive player-created threads. The balance team reads all class forums on a regular basis and such feedback is greatly appreciated.
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