The Rascals Nest is a new PvP guild looking to form up and fill a void currently on Crom , We are looking for pvpers of all skill levels to form an active PvP guild that takes part in Sieges, Mini games/Premades, Open world PvP ( which consists of Bori fights and the PvP event) , Many guilds have formed alliances and refuse to fight each other , we would like to form a guild solid enough to stand on its own 2 feet, in doing so being unpredictable in PvP giving an edge back as to what way we will fight, hopefully giving the server some last good pvp fights before AoC comes to an end.

The requirements for joining The rascals nest is very simple :

*Enjoy PvP.
*Use voice coms for large scale PvP ( Discord).
*Be active ( we are not an alt guild, non active toons kicked after 30 days).
*Be prepared to work as a team and follow instructions of Group/Raid lead to secure victory.

If this is something you are interested in feel free to ask for an officer in game or look for one of the following officers , Akaidios, Freddiemerc, Whyucry and beartrapper.