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Thread: Barbarian Guide

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    Default Barbarian Guide

    Table of Contents:

    POST 1
    * Intro
    * Feats

    POST 2
    * Stances
    * AA
    * T5 rune

    POST 3
    * Combos
    * Builds
    * Rotations

    POST 4
    * Combos
    * Builds
    * Rotation

    POST 5
    * Faction
    * Gear


    Barbarians, free, fiercely, undisciplined and independent warriors, whose only law is their moral, you really want to play aoc without having tried to play one of these warriors who run to the enemy half naked and smelly of sweat, shouting and brandishing a big two hand sword or a weapon in each hand?
    If the answer is NO, then wellcome to the beginner's guide to the barbarian, otherwise, "then to HELL with you!"

    • Flexible class that can be played in different ways
    • Very high dps in reaver
    • total control of the battlefield thanks to a disproportionate number of CC in berserk
    • In berserk they are able to regenerate their health while fighting

    • They can not emerge in fighting with too many pauses or with long pauses.
    • They need be evertime in fight for give their best!


    *: PvE raccomanded
    *: PvP raccomanded

    Berserk tree:

    Physique*: +2% Costitution for each point you invest. Costitution is friends of all, anycase you need it for advance down the feat tree.

    Atrocity*: Increases the chances of gaining stacks in your stance, Reaver or Blood Rage, we will speak later about stances.

    Devastation*: each it with your primary weapon (2h or right 1h) give you chance to gain critical rating. 36.6 for each stack, max x10, mean extra 366 critical rating, A MUST HAVE!

    Shock and Awe**: decrease the CD of your basic CC “stunning punch” of until 13 seconds and “clobber” of until 11 seconds. Three points well-invested. Really, really usefull in PvE, a must have in PvP.

    Staggering Puch: add one snare of 25% on your stunning punch. Can be usefull in PvP, so you can slow one player already immune to stun, but is totally unusefull in PvE

    Reverse Swing*: after you perform one “Staggering Blow” or “Bone Shatter” you gain +36% of damage for next 8 seconds, really usefull and must have, imho.

    Paralysis: add one little wreck on your clobber combo. Nothing exceptional but you need it if you want get Finishing Blow.

    Eyes of Madness: 3000 armor penetration for 5 seconds, if after reverse swing, your decapitation perform 13 or 15k, you know why.

    Insanity**: Your “Blood Rage” stacks now are upgraded from 10 to 15. If you are a berserk is a must have, if you are one reaver is unusefull.
    Butcher: Increase of 5% of Butchers and Upheavel combos that are also berserk’s main combos, choise is your.

    No Escape*: the barbarian throw his weapon, becoming disarmed, the enemy is stunned and have one huge dot on him. As name suggest, is wonderfull in PvP against enemy that try to flee from you, but is few usefull in PvE

    Earth Shatter**: 1 point, stun 360° AoE. PvE or PvP, shut up and get it!

    Finishing Blow*: instant combo with decent damage, you can performe it just after one knockback, so sweet expecially in PvP

    Arcane Marauder*: when a barbarian is hitten by magic damage, there is 20% of chance to gain stacks in your stance and you gain +25% speed, in PvP is a must have!

    Blood Fury*: You have use it just when your “Blood Rage” stance is x5 or more and consume 5 stacks, give you 73 critical rating and 577 combat rating, it’s just one point, nothing of exceptional but not even bad. If you are in “Rever” stance is totally unusefull, it will not work.

    Swarm Fighter*: +20% of more passive damage, you NEED IT. As extra ad also one active ability, if you use it, you have put one aoe on all enemies close to you, you afflict them with little dot and gain health, in PvP and in solo save your life most of what you can image!

    Hammer and Anvil: extra passive DPS on “Staggering Blow/Bone Shatter” and “Stunning Punch”. Choise is your.

    Rampage*: +775 combat rating. Get it

    Rampanging Horde: big burst on DPS for you and your team mates, stack x1 for each friendly character (or pet) within 15m to you. Really usefull when you are in group/raid (expecially close one necro) but almost unusefull in solo.

    Comatose: “Stunning Punch”’s stun is long 3 seconds more, not really usefull.

    Unstoppable**: now we start to see why barbarian is a warmachine. When your health go down 35% of less, you gain 30% of damage reflection in solo and PvP you live on it

    Blood Frenzy**: Why gain only damage deflection and you gain also more damage when you go down at 35%? With this you can reverse a situation from which no one else would come alive.

    Scatter Foes**: Nice 180° knockback, one sweet kick in the ass. 1 point is more then enough, but get it.

    Decapitation: <3

    Welcoming Death**: Other 40% of DPS when you are under Blood Frenzy effect: MUHUHAHAHA!

    Thirst for Blood: 20% bonus damage for each stack, stack max x10, regen health and stamina for you and your group, you need it in group, few usefull in solo.

    Reaver tree:

    Reave**: +25% passive damage, do you really think about it?

    Blitz**: classic melee charge, get 1 point, you cannot live without.

    Ambidextrous*: +10% offhand. You need it if you fight in reaver.

    Smash and Crash + Brutal Cyclone: Give you +60% damage on starting of Cyclone of Steel

    Predatory Instinct: evade chance + stamina regen, I don’t like it

    Ferocity:* The equivalent reaver of the Insanity, one excludes the other, unusefull have both. If you fight in reaver, take this!

    Temperated Steel: As Butcher, give you +5% damage on Cyclone of Steel, main reaver combo. Choise is your.

    Haste:* speed + 82% damage, get it, get it, get it.

    Too Many to Count: this skill give you +28% of damage for every enemy is close to you, max x10.
    In most of raid is hard to use it at max of is power, because there is only one boss, but if you save it in specific and right moment, in that fight where there are a lot of adds or minions, if you gain x10 = +280% damage, be sure, all that remains of your enemies are bloodstains on the floor or you get aggro and all that remains of you is bloodstain on the floor, both things make a barbarians happy.

    Savage Fury + Endless Fury*: only if you are in Reaver Stance and you have at least x10 stacks, click it and you gain +25% damage, your friends +12.5%, with Endless Fury effect is +5 seconds long. Really usefull.

    Jagged Weapons: +12% on Jugger Cut/Bone Shatter’s DOT. Usefull

    Cyclone of Razors and Boiling Blood: +25% damage on “Cyclone of Steels” combo and low the cooldown. I don’t like this combo, is overrated so I don’t use it.

    Spirit of the Panther: Critical Rating on Cyclone of Steel/Upheaval, much higher as there are stack reaver, really nice!

    Lashing Swords: “Jugger Cut/Bone Shatter” being AoE 3 meters: UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    Don’t Fear the Reaver: resistence on fear. Not really usefull in PvE

    Back in the Fray: Only 1 point, can be usefull. A little heal plus evade chance plus immunity, consume 5 reaver stacks so, use it just in dangerous moment, can save your life but low your DPS

    Overpower*: one instant cone that do damage to all enemy in front, proc when your offhand hit, use it everytime it is active.

    Rupture Armor + Shrapnel: +100% damage on opening of wreck armor and WA being AoE: UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    Unstable Mind: Anti-CC, can be usefull in PvP

    Impale: your attack, proc automatically and 100% also offhand, reserve it on last step of some good combo as “Bone Shatter” or “Upheavel”

    Dance of Death: all attack being AoE 5m for 10 seconds, on max 12 targets, reserve it on Cyclone of Steel or Upheavel that are only combos not AoE : UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    Armageddon Falls*: MORE DAMAGE MORE DAMAGE MORE DAMAGE, GET IT GET IT, only 1 point, cool name, you don’t need know more!
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    The stances are the heart and the bread of the barbarian, they are two, blood rage and reaver, and similar to soldiers's stances, they give benefits and one excludes the other, it is not possible to have both. When you have it active, you see the "buff" over your name, during the fight you can gain stacks from the relative active stance, the stacks go from x1 to x10, if not feated, if properly feated, you can reach up to x15. After you gain one stack, it have one countdown of 15 seconds, fight refresh the countdown, this mean until you are in fight, you will have your stacks. If not in fight, when countdown go down to 0, you lose instantly ALL the stacks accumulated

    Blood Rage: this stance give to barbarian +20% passive damage. When you gain stacks, this give you costant heal, health bonus and natural health regen, when you reach x15, you gain costant heals of +711 HP, health +711.2, +305,2 natural health regen. You understand alone, this stance is amazing when you are in solo and in PvP

    Reaver: this stance give to barbarian +10% passive damage. When you gain stacks, this give you damage and critical, when you reach x15, you gain +67.5% weapons damage, +150% damage on Overpower, 15% critical rating on finishing attack Cyclone of Steel/Upheaval. This stance is amazing in group and raids, for raise up your DPS.

    These are IHMO the most important AA you need have on Barbarian, i will see how to use and in what build, in the relative section of the guide!

    Upheavel: give you new rank of Butcher/Cyclone of Steel, that you are a zerk or one reaver, this is really amazing combo, with only 2 steps (CoS X and Butcher X need 3 steps), moreover it add also one little DOT if in 2h version, and do extra damage if in 2w version

    Boneshatter: give you new rank of "Staggering Blow/Jugger Cut", as for Upheavel, if you are a zerk or one reaver, is one wonderful combo. There is also one chance to remove stam/health pots, when you hits with this combo!

    Without Warning: I have already said, stances are the bread of a barbarian, this mean you have raise up your stacks as soon as you can. This AA is wonderfull in do this job, stacks go up randomly during the fight, but if you use this AA, It guarantees you, that at the end of each combo you gain automatically +1, regardless of the number of stacks earned while running the combo. Its anycase impossible gain more then your cap (x10 or 15 if feated in relative stance)

    Determination: with this AA, "Staggering Blow/Jugger Cut" refresh the the timer of your stance's stacks, making it making your stacks much more durable and long.

    At the Gates: Instant combo, metal spikes similar to shurikens, that do huge damage in frontal cone. It's a Major Perk, so you need 2 slots for it!

    T5 RUNE:


    The T5 rune is cool, the t5 rune is the absolute good, the t5 rune is your best friend.
    The T5 rune lengthen the countdown of your stance's stacks of the 35%. Thanks this you feel less the pressure to be full time in combat, It will be harder to lose your stacks too easly. "Jugger Cut, Staggering Blow and Bone Shatter" damage is now higher than 100% so Bone Shatter, surpasses Upheaval, becoming the best barbarian combo, in adding, these combos add also Finesse, in case of "Bone Shatter 2w" one supplementar an extra and very strong DOT that work in couple with the standard combo's DOT.
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    Berserk - Builds, combos and rotation

    As already mentioned, the barbarian berserk is a real war machine. He gives the best of himself when he is seriously wounded, becoming stronger and more resistant. His DPS is lower than the reaver counterpart but the incredible resistence e the high number of CC make it a solid and strategic class, it is perhaps the class that has gived me more fun during the levelling to 80. The Berserk is great for solo/PvP, he is also great in dungeons where there is high trash. There he can have his say with his high number of CC, he is great to Off-tank, there, if used wisely.

    Berserk's Combos

    Staggering Blow/Bone Shatter: nice and fast frontal combo, only one step, give also debuff evade chance (6%/7%), 15sec of cooldown, if you have Reverse Swing feat you can gain extra damage bonus after perform well this combo. If in Bone Shatter version, there is chance to remove potions health/stamina.

    Butcher/Upheaval: the basic barbarian combo, good damage, short CD of only 2 seconds.

    Clobber: one nice and fast frontal knockback, can also give one little debuff if feated.

    Stunning Punch: one nice and fast stun.

    Scatter Foe: Huge 180° frontal knockback, with decent damage!

    Earth Shatter: Huge AoE 360° stun!

    Berserk's Builds

    PvE Zerk Build:

    In this build, you are pratically immortal, this build is amazing for solo levelling and questing, the DPS is pretty decent in group. Barbarian Zerk PvE is a class pretty simple but can be really funny. As AA no choise, Upheaval + Bone Shatter. Just walk in middle mobs, use your CC for hold them under control and use your DPS bombos for make them understand who is boss.
    Generally (in solo or in group) start with Upheaval, then Bone Shatter for gain Reverse Swing (+36% damage x15 seconds) then, alternate Upheaval to Butcher (X for more DPS or IX for be more fast, choise is personal, i use X). And dont forget to use your CC if there are ADDS or Minions, expecially Earth Shatter for one nice AoE Stun and, if you want, some Clobber for debuff and can perform your Finishing Blow. Remember, all Barbs CC are combo, so all of them do DPS, also if low respect the normal DPS combo, is anycase DPS.

    PvP Zerk Build:

    Barbarian PvP is a class made for players who are not afraid to die. The total absence of bubbles and light armor make this class initially very vulnerable. It is a fast and dynamic class that must always be in combat to try to hold on its "Blood Rage" stacks to x15, thus gaining health and regeneration.
    If a barbarian runs away from the first wound, he is condemned and becomes an easy target, he must always be in combat, press his opponents and never stop attacking, in addition to regeneration, when he falls below 35% of health becomes much more resistant and more damaging. The high numbers of CC make him able to manage multiple opponents. Is not it dangerous and you risk dying in this way? Of course, and if it does happen, to die with the weapon in hands there is no shame, only the Valhalla. Better than doing it by giving the back to one enemy
    Arcane Marauder is one huge help as we already analysed.

    In PvP generally you can use "At the Gates" for fast instant DPS. I use lowest version of "Butcher", max 2 steps and never the "Butcher X". In general tree there are good Anti-CC. The combination Clobber + Finishing Blow + Decap + At the Gates can trolling oneshot the clothy
    One other good way can also use Upheavel + Without Warning, for gain fast your regeneration and have one strong combo a lot better of "Butcher IX"
    In short skirmishes where in pvp there is a good healer in the group who heals and does not make the solo, "bone shatter" and "upheaval" are two amazing AA/Combos.
    As Archetype AA "Liberation" and "Avoid Entrapment" are good only if are both 5/5, remember, for be usefull to your group, could be usefull also "Tainted Weapons" for remove healers's hot heals and kill them fast!
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    Reaver - Builds, combos and rotation

    Reaver's Combos

    Jugger Cut/Bone Shatter: one strong combo, one of better for barbarian, that put also one good DOT on your enemy, if in Bone Shatter version, there is chance to remove potions health/stamina.

    Cyclone of Steel/Upheaval: the main reaver combo, huge DPS, short 2s CD.

    Personal note: If you dont have T5 rune, probably Upheaval is better reaver combo, if you are so lucky to gain T5 combo, this It improves considerably the combo "Bone Shatter" making it the better barbarian's combo

    Wreck Armor: one good combo, fasto to execute (only 1 step), strike ever to right (left if you are back), and put one debuff (some of BS) cumulable max x5. Multiple versions of this combo dont share the CD so you can have more in bar.

    Whirlwind: one AoE combo, the barbarian makes his arms around him doint damage 360°. The DPS is not too high, onestly i use this combo rarely, the only feature worthy of note is the aoe, but as we will see, if feated, all barbarian's combos can be AoE

    Reaver's Builds
    The secret of a good barbarian reaver is to try to pull on your reaver stacks as quickly as possible, and try not to ever lose them. To do this you need to stay as long as possible in combat and with the help of some AA.
    You have to rotate the AAs according to the type of fight you are going to meet.
    We will start with one easy but very effective build:

    PvE Reaver Build group and raids:

    Combos: "Upheaval", "Cyclone of Steel" (X for more DPS or IX for be more fast, choise is your), Jugger Cut II (Bone Shatter in some fight), "Wreck Armor" IV, III and II. You can complete your bar with what you want, i have also Whirlwind but i dont use it almost never, if not totally surrounded!

    Rotation is easy, the secret is use a lot of short combo for raise up fast your stacks.
    I generally start with Upheaval, then use Jugger Cut, Upheaval, Wreck Armor IV, Upheaval, Wreck Armor III, Upheaval, Jugger Cut, Upheaval etc. etc.
    Pratically you have to use Upheaval and one other combo, Upheaval and one other combo, until Jugger Cut's CD is not expired and use it everytime you can, between a pair of Upheaval.

    Which AA to use? Depend to the fight. There are basically three type of fight.
    1) Fight where there are few or no pause, in this case i use Upheaval + Without Warning (examples: Pagoda HM, 1st Boss T3, 1st Boss T4 if you are on General)

    2) Fight where frequent pause could compromise your stacks. In this case i use Upheaval + Determination (example: 3rd boss T3, Arbanus, if are you the target of Blood Ritual, going away can expire your stacks, or second boss T4, Basilisk)

    3) Fight where, you want or not, there are too long pause for hope to have decent stacks. In these battles, the barbarian can not give the best of himself, you can only try to do as much dps as you can, using your better combos (example: T3: Thot-Amon, last boss of Pillars if you have to kite and while wait the wolves). In these cases i use Upheaval + Bone Shatter, i cannot count on strong of my stacks but these two combos can do really good DPS, Bone Shatter have amazing damage, good DOT and good AOE, Rotation is the some, just change "Jugger Cut II" with "Bone Shatter"

    PvE Reaver Build group and raids anti-aggro:

    This is nothing then a small variant of the previous build. The loss of DPS is fairly good but it is usefull, especially in pug/6men or in situations where there is a high gear difference, between you and the tanks, and you notice that you steal too easily and very quickly the aggro, in this case, lose a bit of DPS It is advisable, compared with a quick death and worse than dying, bear the tank's complains.

    PvE Reaver Build group and raids reverse swing

    With this build things start to become slightly more serius and technical. This build give the best from using of the T5 Rune, "Bone Shatter" + "Upheaval". To use it you need to switch your weapon from 2h to 2w often. The secret is to use 2h to always hold on your Reverse Swing buff, so you constantly receiving + 36% damage; Additionally, if you are among the lucky holders of T5 Rune, so you can benefit to 3 Finesse applied by 3 combos.
    Combos are "Bone Shatter(2w)", Upheaval(2w), "Bone Shatter(2h)", "Staggering Blow(2h)", Wreck Armor IV, Wreck Armor III, Wreck Armor II.
    Generally i start with Bone Shatter 2h then Bone Shatter 2w, Upheaval, Staggering Blow, Upheaval etc.etc.

    If there are a lot of adds/minions/trash so you probably would like can do most AoE as you can, in this case, use your Bone Shatter 2w (remember the 2h version for reverse swing, btw the 2h weapons have 3m aoe) then do not be afraid to use your Wreck Armors combos, are feated for be AoE and use "Dance of Death" first to use "Upheaval" so you give one good AoE to your only one not AoE combo. Unusefull i explain you, if there are lot of adds/minions/trash is time to use your "Too Many Count". In this way you will be really huge and massive AoE damage, second only to one TOS!

    note: also if i started use this build after getted my T5 rune, from test i did, disabling the rune , this build gived me anycase extra DPS, respect the build without reverse swing, so can be good also for toons without T5 rune!

    PvE Hybrid Build group and raids full nuke single target

    This build has a very low aoe compared to previous builds, it is designed to make a very high amount of single target damage. I find it extremally usefull, when there is only one boss, in raid and i use it for example in Slightering Chaos and in most T6 fight.
    AA: Bone Shatter and Upheaval
    Combos: Bone Shatter 2w and 2h version, Staggering Blow, Upheaval, Decapitation.

    It work in similar way to the Reaver with Reverse Swing, need swap weapons for can perform 2h Bone Shatter and Staggering Blow so you can gain reverse swing. The principal difference is in "Decapitation" combo that do a lot of damage. Generally my rotation is "Bone Shatter(2h)", Decapitation, "Bone Shatter 2w" "Staggering Blow", "Upheaval" etc.etc.
    In middle of fight, when tanks have growed his aggro, I try use Decap after "Bone Shatter(2h)" or "Staggering Blow", if possible, after i used my "Eye of Madness"
    The nice things of this build is that there are also a lot of CC so, between one boss and others, if there is trash or adds you have also several CC, clobber, stunning punch and earth shatter.

    Solo questing Reaver

    This build was written by me years ago for an Italian girl who has now stopped playing. At that time there was no multi-spec and so people had to find compromises with more flexible builds all-in-one. I have never loved this build but she seemed to have a lot of fun.
    It is made to be played in blood rage, with Bone Shatter + Upheaval as AA. Requires switch weapons to have access to many CCs as in Zerk and offers a decent DPS in the group, but forget to be first in DPS in raids or 6men

    PvP Reaver Build
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    Factions and Gear


    The primary states that should be privileged are strength, combat rating, critical rating, critical damage rating. When available, costitution helps always on every characters, exactly as armor and protection. Obviously it is pointless to focus on statistics like protection in PvE (while in PvP it is crucial), however having some good accessory protection saves life in some PvE fight.
    About Armors: Greymist is craft armor really nice and cheap, everyone could start with them with proper gems. T1, T2 are now as now old armors, but easy to get, you can be full in few run T1/2 + WB. T3 is still a good armor, also if i dont know if it worth the work on be full on it, if you not interessed in that vanity. As faction there are the Tiger, also if better mix Tiger + Hyrkanian chest.
    T4 is one amazing armor for barbarian, give you amazing DPS and good survability, it seem be a good merge to Tiger in Hyrkanian, mixing the better of these two factions, was my friends for long time and i loved weared it.
    About T5, as most of T5 armor, it is a truly little upgrade and almost undeserving (if was not for be one of most cooler barb skin around). T5 had sense when on armor was included the full bonus set, from when it was moved on rune, T4 is really all you need for farming the T6. Assuming that two items in the T5 set are clearly inferior as stat to T4 (shoulder and wrist), the difference between the two set is: Armor: 18, DPS: 0,89, Hit: 12, critical: 3, critical damage: 13, this will be your upgrade.
    T6 is of course the definitive PvE Armor, the strongest upgrade you can wish to one armor, but dont try use it in PvP, the set have so much PvE bonus as much PvP Penality!!!

    Until you have only one weapon (one 2h), choise your weapon is simple, when you have to choise two weapons, the choice is not as trivial, in fact I have noticed so many barbs and conqs with bad choise of weapons (expecially for that player that consider color of gear major of stats, purple at all costs, blue is a shame also if have better stat).
    A good analysis of damage can be found in here: Damage for Dummies
    Short summary:
    Damage = dps number x animation length

    Your dps number in the character sheet has two parts: DPS from Weapon and DPS from Combat Rating.
    All Combat Rating is good (unless it's not for your weapon), get as much Combat Rating as you can, regardless of its type (normal, fire, ice, etc.).

    What we have to know about characters that use two weapons? Simple, most of your hits come from your primary weapon (main-hand weapon), the weapon you use in the right hand. You can try to raise your offhand as much as you can, but the left handed hits will be always too few, compared to those with the right hand so you can consider your left hand weapon as a big talisman that sometime strike your enemy.
    After this consideration how choise your weapon?
    Main hand weapon must be one weapon with high DPS base damage you find, regardless of the secondary stat on it (combat rating, critical rating, hit, etc.).
    Mind you, I am not saying that they are not important; rather, they simply are not the first thing to look!
    Exactly the opposite is true for offhand, It is good to choose a weapon that is full of high secondary stat (strength, combat rating, critical rating). Such stat will be added to the character, which also benefits on the main-hand weapon, while the less usefull stat is the base DPS. Exactly as for main hand this not mean base DPS is totally unusefull, just is not priority, if weapon have one high, lucky you.
    Main-hand weapons: there are a lot of good main-hand around, T1, T2, LL, T3, T4, T5 and T6. T3.5 2HB is good as one T4 2HE, if you are in lucky pug that let need that generic DPS weapon to barbs too, most of lead want only BS need on it just because is 2HB, choice that I do not agree.
    Off-hand weapons: here, there are few weapons really good about, for example, the T4 barb weapon is really bad offhand, if you use two of them, you lose DPS respect if you use in left hand one weapon apparently bad as the Tigersweeps (blue weapon).
    T1, T2, T3 and T4 are not thinked and good as offhand, in my opinion, use them just if you have nothing of better, but one simple blue weapon as tigersweep is ten thousand times better than a t3 or 4.
    1) judgement in Enigma of Yag is pretty decent offhand weapon.
    2) tigerswipe in Celestial Necropolis is amazing offhand weapon, few base DPS but a lot of combat rating + critical.
    3) from faction the better offhand is the scepter of return, imho, also if it have a little limit, it's combat rating is 1hb so it work better if you have one 1hb as main-hand too (example: Maniacal Arm + children)
    4) Ibis is one wonderfull offhand weapon, if you have one mainhand with more base DPS then one ibis
    5) Maniacal Arm is in my opinion one of better if not the better one offhand of game, tons of combat rating and critical rating, ofc use in left just if you have one mainhand with more base DPS.
    6) Probably on par with maniacal arm, as better offhand of game, there is the blade of widows. Have less crombat rating and critical rating of T3 craft but have more base DPS, a lot of offhand and is for free (if you won it)!
    Starting from T5 and ofc in T6, funcom start to think to add offhand weapons too but it did not a really good job. Imho T5 offhand is weapon enough bad, exactly as T6 offhand is not excellent also if It is not totally to be thrown away.
    Onestly i use T6 main hand + T6 offhand, but it's my choise just for the T6 buff, because i like have "x2 + x3 + x4", with SC's rings but ihmo opinion, probably the strongest and better combinations are: T5/6+T3 craft, T5/6+Blade of Widows and lastly T6+T6.

    Your priority in PvE is do DPS so is important you have to give priority to DPS accessories so some stat of armors/weapons.
    However, my tips, is anycase work on protection accessories. They can save your life in several PvE fight, while in PvP should be your priority if you want survive!
    capes: in order: Crow's Nest, The Breach, T3, Scarlet Circle, Vile Nativity, T4, Caravan UC, Leggendary. Leggendary capes give you also one little buff with relative particles effect, after you do one kill.
    Protection: there are three capes with protection. Badly no one of them offer you also DPS (mages prot leggendary cape have magic damage for example) so use them just for survive or PvP, also if, for PvP the PvP version is the better!
    T1's quest Black Dragon, T3's quest Amra's Pride, Leggendary prot version.

    necks in order: Crow's Nest, Forgotten City, Eye of the Watcher, Hyrkanian, Iron Tower, T3, T4, Arena, T6.
    The Arena's neck give you more DPS but T6 is good for trigger buff from T6 weapons/SC rings, for this reason i prefer the last one.
    Protection: there arent neck that give you prot and dps, badly, the better neck is in this case is the Arena, without if and without but: Beastmasters Bevor & Pit Fighter's Gorget

    rings in order: Crow's Nest, Energetic Band, The Breach/Forgotten City, Xibaluku, T3, T4, T5 (T5 ring offer you also one buff not wrote on the ring of 200 critigation, more usefull for tank then for barbarians), Vanaheim, Slightering Chaos, Leggendary.
    Protection: Brittle Blade, Slightering Chaos, Leggendary.
    The nice part of SC and Leggendary is that they are customizable, this mean that at difference of neck and capes, you have not necessary lose all your DPS, for example, in my SC's protection rings i choised to put two Fiercy gems (+450 combat rating + T6 bonus).
    One Leggendary can offer you 450 (300 + 75 strenght from gem Eldritch) Armor, 90 Costitution, +450 combat rating (225 from gem chaos + 75 strenght from gem Eldritch), 20 hit, 60 critical rating, 100 critical damage rating (from gem Occult), two T6 bonus, making it the better one all round, wonderful ring of the game!!!


    Hyrkanian vs Wolves of Steppes:

    Hyrkanian offer you the defensive barbarian set. This set is good for survability but DPS is not too much high, onestly, being full of Hyrkanian, in my opinion, is not worth it, but is amazing idea mix some Hyrka items with Tiger. The Chest, onestly, is probably amazing, for only few few few DPS lose, respect the tiger, this chest give you a lot of armor and costitution extra so, is not bad idea be Tiger + Hyrkanian Chest.
    Hyrkanian offer you also the necklace, with good strenght and costitution, give you survability, but now as now, there are a lot of better necks!
    There are also mounts, amazing wild stallions, with tribal tattoos in several skins, according to me perfect for a wild class like the barbarian; Dothraki docet!

    Wolves offer nothing as gear to one barbarian, except one vanity if you like that style (leather wolf-like, cut hands and things like that).
    Only reasons for can want the wolves is the wolf pet that you can also make it one mount (or pet or mount, if you make it mount you lose the pet)

    Last Legion vs Scarlet Circle:

    Last Legion are soldiers, all their armors are heavy/plate so ... no barbs armors, but they offer you one 2H, which is not particularly powerful, but is not even a total crap, choise is your, now as now, gear is more easy from years ago when i got mine here, probably you will gain easly one T1/2 axe with few T1/2 runs (now all weapons are in sold in Reliquiary) or a pair of WB!

    Scarlet Circles are mages and priestes so, as for LL, no armor for you here. They offer one nice DPS cape if you want it. This cape is pretty similar (slightly lower) to Vile Nativity Cape and better then T3.
    Now there are a lot of capes in game, T3, Vile, Caravan, Leggendary. Choise you this faction if you want fast cape that you dont need have luck to drop and win it (probably also tanks and BS will need it), if not go ahead!

    Shadows of Jade vs Brittle Blade:

    Shadows have no barbarian armor and no weapons too. They just offer one nice DPS ring, slightly improved version of Milestone Ring.
    They also sell nice potions Const + Critical Damage

    Brittle have one light barbarian armor, in my opinion It is not worth, maybe you could mix few offhands items if you drop them, until you not get better. The little offhand it has, does not compensate for the poor DPS respect the Tiger, BUT they have one nice, amazing, universal ring, Armor/Prot/Costit/Critical. It is really nice, survability ring. Until Slithering Chaos, that ring was my best friend, permaholded on my left finger (every class should have one).
    Really good the potions Strenght + Critical Damage are here in sold!

    Children of Yag-kosha vs Yellow Priests of Yun:

    Both the asiatics priestes clans seem have a soft spot for the barbarians, both of them have one barbarian set. While for the Yellow the only feature worthy of note is one increased Critigation Amount that is not too much usefull on one barbarian if you have to lose so much DPS, the Children offer you one set, with not too high DPS (only 66.19, respect the 93.5 from Tiger) but with Protection. Could be a good idea, save some Children drop and mix them in fight where is need protection. Children, offer you also one amazing 1HB. This mace is onestly too bad as main-hand, don't try have two of these, you will spend a lot of resources and you will lose tons of DPS, also one T1 is better as main hand, but as offhand can be really, really good! Remember that in game you will find a lot of main-hands weapons but there are only few really good offhands, this 1HB is one of them!

    Tamarin's Tigers vs Scholars of Cheng-Ho:

    Tamarin is, in middle the khitai, THE armor. This is what you want, the highest DPS set you can look for, this set give you more DPS also then T1, 2 and 3, also blue items (R3) give you better DPS then T1 and 2. The disadvantage? This set is crafted with paper, making you more similar one cloth then one light. Few armor, few health, few health regen and stamina. When you are in group you can do amazing DPS, but mix it with Hyrkanian chest and some good accessories, as BB ring is good Idea, at least in some fight and/or in solo, you.
    Tamarins offer you also the tiger as for wolves, start as pet to grow up and you can make it one mount (or hold it one pet).
    Scholars of Cheng-Ho are one faction pretty unusefull for barbarian, they have no armors, can offer you only one 1 hand sword, this sword is not bad at all as main-hand (is better then T1 and is similar T2 as DPS but give you more critical) but dont try use it as offhand, is bad, you could use this main hand and children offhand, if really want it.
    Scholar have also one pet, one ridiculous midget that give you some few unusefull buffs. There are also potions Str/Con, not bad!
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    Thank you for writing this, finally Barbs have a guide too! Really helpful overview if you're new to the class and looking for some advice on which way to go with feats and builds. And if the intro doesn't make you want to play a barb you're really beyond help.
    Just one thing: the link for the PVE Zerk Build doesn't seem to work.

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    If there's enough positive feedback, the thread will get a sticky.
    Short cuts make long delays.

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    Great post. It was about time for the barbarian class to have a guide. It would be great if this post become sticky!

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    +1 to sticky
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    Quote Originally Posted by Senephtet View Post
    Thank you for writing this, finally Barbs have a guide too! Really helpful overview if you're new to the class and looking for some advice on which way to go with feats and builds. And if the intro doesn't make you want to play a barb you're really beyond help.
    Just one thing: the link for the PVE Zerk Build doesn't seem to work.
    Thanks to you and to all of you for positive feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed this work. Thanks a lot for ave reported to me the wrong link, now the link to the PvE Zerk build has been fixed!
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