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Thread: Tiers of Faction Gear and the Dungeon Gear

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    It is actually quite useless to order "THE kithai epic gear" in tiers. As mentioned the sets from the different factions offer different main stats, so you can prepare your toon for a lot of different situations and tasks. Of course there is the obvious dps-road, but even that is not a safe bet in all cases. The second reason is that not all pieces are by all means superior to T3, as not all T4 pieces are superiour to T3,5. You always have to think about what you want to do with that toon, and what gear you already own, and what gear you can get, and which content you want to play to get it, or which content you plan to enter with the toon.

    So my advice would be to look at each piece and compare.

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    The "Armor builder" pop up on the Aoc-is-better-than-tv site is useful in comparing the different gear and deciding what pieces to focus on replacing on your character first or to have in your inventory to swop into for specific encounters as Feadara suggests.
    You can drag gear on to it and then duplicate it (multiple times if you want) and swop in pieces to see how it changes your stats.
    Helpful too when you want to decide what piece to buy next do you benefit more replacing your current chest or legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atroke View Post
    Ok, I think I understand. So the tier depends on the mode of the dungeon. If it is done in hard mode, then the gear is epic and otherwise it is blue?
    So assuming the gear drops in 6-man hard mode, then stat-wise would it be better than T3 raid gear?
    Not exactly, blue chest drop anycase (NM and HM) when boss die but epic chest with epic loot trop only if dungeon is done in HM.
    About stat, as i said, khitai is hardly classificable and It's hard to say it's worse than T3.5, just because, as i said, khitai is flexible with a lot of set for every class. Sometime can be usefull have some protection also if you are not a tank or some more costitution in situation where survival is more important than pure DPS. Have a lot of armor and cost, for example, can help in the last fight in Ardashir Fort, or some costit/prot can help a lot in the first fight of AI District etc. You will find your game-style.
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