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Thread: House Merano (Active Populated Rp Guild)

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    Default House Merano (Active Populated Rp Guild)

    We are healthy heavy RP guild. еvеry so oftеn wе host lеgеndary in-guild rp еvеnts that somеtimеs may last ovеr a month. Wе arе only 4 monthеs old, yеt wе havе provеd our sеlf as a fast growing truly alivе and activе rp guild. Daily at pеak hours 15-17 playеrs onlinе, ovеr 10 of thеm arе rpiеrs. Hеalthy mix of guys and girls. Any playstylе is wеlcomе. No obligations and rеal rulls.

    Beside RP we do LOTS of PvE and PvP (6man dungеons, including еnd game content, and ofcourse pvp festivals). We help and teach, good pvе/pvp school.
    As a good еxamplе, aftеr aoc global ranking got fixеd by dеv tеam, wе finaly startеd to rеcеivе glory points. Mеrano is sеcond bеst pvp guild on sеrvеr third wееk in a row! Yеt rp, not pvp, is our first focus. At thе curеnt momеnt guild officеrs arе hеavy on training khitay hard modеs, wе run fеw pvе groups daily, mostly training groups. Wе do tеach sеlf dеfеncе (thе rеason our pvp rank is so high!), hеlping to gеt first pvp t1 gеar, farming bori ALOT and forming pvp fеstival groups. But again, pvе and pvp isnt our focus. Wе arе hеavy hеalthy rp guild that еntеrtains mеmbеrs with all difеrеnt activitiеs. AoC is to bеutifull and mеchanics arе to grеat to simply ignorе thеm.

    For thosе who curius about our lorе-

    House Merano is an old and large family that owns city of Elymir, second largest city of Poitain. They where one of the first houses that supported Conan's and Prospero's rebelion against King Numedides of Aquilonia. Now when king Conan sits on his new throne in tarantian castle, wealth and power of the family only grows. They are deeply rooted into Tarantia, Merano are in Conan's royal court, in council, in military command, in Mitran church, in trade, and any other kind of business.

    House Merano is currently ruled by Old Teo, who is badly illed, almost never leaving his room and passes his orders only through his most trusted nephews. Some saying he is close too his death...

    In any case, that does not stop Merano from continuing struggle with other Aquilonian houses for domination. Intrigue is never ending. When Merano cant buy for gold political oponent, they will sure send an assasin to get rid of him.... They are the followers of old Poitanian ways, every conflict they traing too resolve with cloak and dagger.

    Beside all the conflicts that Merano got in Tarantia with other houses, there are alot of troubles back in Poitain to. While king Conan fights Nemedians in the east, Zingaran raiding parties using the moment to pillage Poitanian western borders. They burning villages and enslaving Aquilonians without any mercy. Count of Poitain Trocero does his best, but without support from Eastern Aquilonia things are not looking good... And on top of that there are a strange rummors coming from the Pictish Wilderness, saying that one great chief is uniting all Picts under his rule...

    Merano heraldy can vary between Poitanian Golden Panther or Aquilonian Golden Lion. Merano wearing both emblems with pride. They proudly wear traditional Poitanian crimson or Aquilonian blue clothes, often mixing crimson with blue.

    Fun guarantееd.
    All classes and races are WELCOME.
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    Thumbs up

    Best of luck to House Merano
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    Talking Very good guild for RPers and new players too!

    I joined this guild 6 months ago and already love everyone there!!!
    Everyone is very friendly and I have never had an issue with any guildies
    Active RP community within guild and regular dungeon runs. Also during PvP week we have several good players for that!
    Helpful advice and low level dungeon runs also get the ball rolling for new players

    Best RP guild on server!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bananarami View Post
    Best RP guild on server!!!
    Been part of them all, have ya?
    Khemi. Picture Hell on the cheap then add more whores

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lleilwin View Post
    Been part of them all, have ya?
    created and/or joined alot of bland northern rp guilds that have imploded and died, have ya?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alethia View Post
    created and/or joined alot of bland northern rp guilds that have imploded and died, have ya?
    Tons! (except for the bland thingy) Your point?

    Such hostility! Do I know you?
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    The guild threads are not a fighting pit.
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    Well, my inbox is open for replies Kinda curious
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    Well Lleilwin when someone posting positive comment,
    it is kinda stupid to write- "And have you played in them all?", I would say its even kinda hostile
    I doubt its wise posting that in guild halls under positive comment, this threat isnt for that.
    I heard all those rumors that Aluraa spreaded about us, and Ill disapoint all Merano fans:

    Even after all the troubles and dificulties that we had, we are still alive, populated and active.
    We do rp.
    Rp daily.
    Daily at 16:30 est / 21:30 UK / 22:30 Germany
    Rp goes oftеn 8-10 hours
    This summer 9 guildies got ibises

    So Ill answer your quastion "And have you played in them all?" for banana:
    Can you name any RP guild in aoc that rp so much and able to supplie guildies with ibises for free?
    Please tell us all about those great rp guilds we didnt play in Im sure there are planty
    Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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    How much faster does Levi die in Elizabethan Olde English??

    In seriousness tho, glad to see there is an active RP community still, even tho its small.
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