Just returned and bought a year's subscription. Maybe silly but I am an altoholic and it does help with leveling and isn't that expensive these days. Who can resist when they say it is on sale even if the game isn't really supported any more. It should last at least another year.

My goals for a guild are the following - no I don't expect to find one that is perfect but the closer I can come the better.

1. Active typed chat little or no use of voice chat outside of raids. I have always preferred typed chat for many reasons such as immersion - the last few years bad hearing has become an even more compelling reason.
2. Older than average players well represented in the guild. I've been in more than enough guilds where the average member was noticeably younger than my daughter (mid 20s).
3. People on off-peak hours - I am often on late mornings and afternoons east coast U.S. time as well as less time in the evenings. A European guild would work as long as it was English speaking.
4. Not too huge - with text scrolling past too fast to read and few people even recognizing the names of most guildmates.

My main use for a guild is conversation - I am not looking for help other than answers to occasional questions. I am not a raider (most raids require voice) and will be spending my time here leveling up a variety of classes and races.