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Thread: Ex-AoC Player Stranded; Hungry and Hoping...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeil View Post
    Sadly either people don't see it, don't care, can't or won't handle a game with actual difficulty and more than faceroll the keyboard mechanics and/or let technical issues, whether the game's fault or their own, turn them away.
    I dont believe this was the problem. To me it was their incompetence to properly finish any content in a right time, thousands of promises that never happen, low speed development of PvE, basicly zero attention to PvP (1 new minigame - possible exploits in there have never been fixed, bori ( ) and the Bloodsmth event - again almost untouched unfortunately, sorry, but if can avoid PvP to get PxP is just wrong) and I most of the time I had a feelings that noone from devs even read the forums (TL or live, it doesnt matter).

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    Fortunately ESO is getting a 4vs4vs4 battleground update together with morrowind expansion.
    Playing minigames and not having to deal with all those monkeys one usually sees here , will be a nice change
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    Yes the new store still blows

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