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    Hail and Well met!

    So I played AoC back during the beta and played quite awhile after launch before departing Hyboria for other games. I have since tired of the current MMOs that have come out and will be returning back to Hyboria. I had alot of fun during my time on AoC and was in the guild Damoria on Cimmeria (RP-PvP) server. Now I have no idea what the current state of my characters are, but will find out once I install the game. I figure I have only two options for a server to join and since the open world PvP is what sold this game to me, Fury will be my choice for a server.

    So a few questions which I am sure get frequently asked!

    How is the current state of the game?
    Does PvP still exist in the Underhalls and White Sands?

    I look forward to seeing you again in Hyboria and if anyone from Damoria is still around hit me up!
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    Be aware that Fury is pretty much dead. Crom is the populated server.
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    It amazes me that the same group of people that got PvP so tragically wrong in Age of Conan, made another game with some of the best MMO PvP play around....mind boggling

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