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Thread: Is Trump administration running Age of Conan? Sure does like it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laethiel View Post
    Except Age of Conan isn't fun. It's a case study in how to fail at copying world of warcraft. Amazingly enough WoW is the only mmo that has held up over the years. Blizzard should write the mmo manual for future endeavors.
    I disagree. I find AoC to be a fun game (although better before the shop and subscription revamps), while I have tried multiple times to get into WoW but I just don't find it fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady-Zarathustra View Post
    But overall... the money/time put into the survival game (or rather harvest ton of stone to build a wall and lv up to craft an iron edged wooden shield only from wood and plant leafs o.O ?! ) would be better used in developing fresh content for AoC (crafting revamp moved entirely into exiles lol )
    These are the kinds of things which can change. Early access is all about change. The devs want feedback from players about what works well, what doesn't, what doesn't make sense, etc. They can take these suggestions and make a much better game by the time its full release comes.

    I like how I can adjust many settings for my own server to get the balance to a place that works well for my friends and I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lleilwin View Post
    Don't count on it. If FC can keep it up, this game will be a new kind of awesome at release
    Problem is that they released it already (an early alpha release is still a release, a first impression wasted...kind of citing Jim Sterling about early access games).
    There was a balanced review of it on "worth a buy" on youtube. It can become awesome or it can join the legions of openworld-survival-alpha-ripoffs.

    What angers me personally is funcoms alternative factual argumentation. No resources to include an almost finished crafting revamp ("recipe based crafting is SOOO old fashioned") and "technically not possible" to include player housing or even more guild city options and skins...and then they suddenly have resources to sink into YEARS (and Exiles will need that time to become decent) of development featuring just these topics. It would have been nice, if at least AoC would get something back or part of the cake, instead of the latest ripoff-fantasymarketing patch and membership revamp.

    Wouldn't it be nice to see a module pack added for AoC that includes a new pvp adventure desert zone based on the exiles starter map, a pack of new recipes based on the old world designs (just adding the option to add a new gem slot to any item would work wonders too), ways to customize and manage guild cities even more and new city based recipes (like wheel of pain, cross, tents etc. etc....again here just adding more locations for placeables could do a lot already, too) and more hair styles found in exiles?? Like a "survival" pack for AoC? Remember how Fallout 4 did it with a mod for hardcore survivalists.

    @tapwater: What can you customize on a personal server? Can you create "modules" or "events" like in the old neverwinter nights games (via gm options) or precreate a village and add npcs and placeables?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laethiel View Post
    If Trump was running this game it would be great again.
    Hear, hear!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt2016 View Post
    @tapwater: What can you customize on a personal server? Can you create "modules" or "events" like in the old neverwinter nights games (via gm options) or precreate a village and add npcs and placeables?
    Currently the customizations options mostly are to deal with progression rates. You can increase/decrease xp gains, hunger/thirst consumption rates, day/night time speeds, harvest amounts, crafting costs, PvP/PvE, etc.

    I've never played Neverwinter Nights games, so not too sure about how all those things work. What I can say is that as a Server Owner or Admin, you can spawn in any items/npcs you want. So you could technically spawn in a bunch of base materials, build a village, then spawn npcs inside it with varying AI behavior like passive/hostile. But NPCs spawned this way are 1-time only, so when they die they are gone until you recreate them.

    Player mods will be coming eventually, and it wouldn't surprise me if things like events become much more readily available. Right now you could host your own little RP event using the in-game tools, but you will be doing a fair bit of prep work.

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    To udpate this thread to recent developments...:

    If the Trump administration were running Age of Conan...

    1. ... GM's would have publicly argued if the recent ban of all Stygians also applied to paying subscribers.
    2. ... the head GM would have suspended the ban. Funcom's CEO would have denounced the "so-called gamemaster's" decision on Twitter.
    3. ... Funcom's CEO would have threatened to write a petition to complain to Funcom about their allegedly incompetent Gamemasters. People would start to question his sanity.
    4. ... Funcom's community manager (side note: does Funcom still have a CM?) would argue that the ban is not a ban, but a ban.
    5. ... Funcom's lead anti-cheating technician would have resigned. It would become known that he offered to reverse some bans issued for cheating without using the proper channels. He wouldn't resign because of having the talk, though, but for lieing to his boss about it.
    6. ... Kyllikki would get a new battlecry telling people to buy stuff from the item shop. It's good stuff, she owns some of it herself! Go buy-buy-buy!
    Make Hyboria raid again!

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