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Thread: Dreamer's Keepsake rings?

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    Default Dreamer's Keepsake rings?

    Hello all,

    I recently returned to game and am about to hit lvl 80 and am trying to figure out how to acquire these rings.

    Everything I've read simply says "buy from trader". I do not see a trader at the Crow's nest and am not sure where else to look. Also, I don't know what it requires to "buy from trader". Just gold? Special tokens?

    If some one could provide more detail for this noob it would be much appreciated.

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    Trader npc s are located in mjor city hubs like khemi,old tarantia,conarch vilage and ofc in khitai cities if you have expansion .the ring itself is crafted item made by players who own a guild can buy it from trader for gold or ask inguild if you are or global for someone to craft it
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    TY so much for the quick reply! And I'm laughing for not understanding "buy from trader" literally meant exactly that. Buy from the AH. I assumed there was some sort of special "trader"=)

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