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Thread: Why am I a Deserter when AoC crashes in Raid Finder?

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    Default Why am I a Deserter when AoC crashes in Raid Finder?

    Why is this still happening? Usually when you hit the Resurrect button is when the crash might happen. AoC tags it as a Crash to Desktop and asks for information about the Crash, but you log back in within 2-4 minutes and instead of being returned to the Raid you are locked out of Raid Finder for 30 minutes. Can't the game at least offer to return you to the Raid? Is 2 to 4 minutes to restart the game that big of a deal?

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    I have had 2 different experiences after a crash in RF. In some cases, I log back to the raid, in other cases I get the Deserter buff.
    I am not 100% sure how it is treated by the game but I think:

    If you get kicked to the "log in screen" and log back on - you may be able to log back to the raid.


    if the game is closed either forced closed or "quit" then when you log back on- you are out of the raid...

    HOWEVER, again if my memory serves me (I did not monitor this in detail) , in a real raid - even if the game is forced to close within a certain amount of time, you would still restart and log back on to a raid.
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