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    Hi guys, here a view aoc open world pvp scenes with my pvp3 demo. i hope you like it. baddabum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mogsters View Post
    Fury is a toilet
    Sad but true.
    I transfered my guard over to fury some weeks ago, big mistake, cant wait to get it back to crom.
    Only trolls, noobs, hackers or kd whores left in that server with a few exeptions ofc.
    in all the minigames i played over there i think i met like only 2 healers that acually heals, most just run straight by me to chase kills even tho im at 20% and holding flag. and most of those healers are some of the "good" players. sure some of them are decent in duels, but total crap in teamplay.
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    Showing *justice* and -Vendetta- im not surprised
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurgar View Post
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