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Thread: So, yeah...can't log in

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    Default So, yeah...can't log in

    Says my credentials are invalid...can log into account, and even the forums, but can't log into the game.

    Really fun, and inspiring me to subscribe >..<

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    There is a possibility you have two different passwords, one for the account page and a different one for in-game.

    Login over at
    On the left hand side you should see "Game"
    Under "Game" you will find "Change My Password"
    When you click "Change My Password" you will be taken to a new page with a box at the top, "Billing and all Game Passwords"
    Select "Game Password" and set it to something new or change both billing and game password.

    Also the forum password is not connected to any other password.
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    Contact FC support on their weebsite incase your game account has been hacked.

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