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Thread: Returning vet, is it worth coming back?

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    Default Returning vet, is it worth coming back?

    Started in 2011, left when FC added T4 raids. Currently thinking of coming back and maybe buying a sub (mostly because I miss AoC's awesome combat system)
    What changed in AoC? How many people play these days?

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    Still a goodly number of players. The weekly Raid Finder fills up fairly quickly and the masses come out regularly for the once a month World Boss. Plus I'm still seeing a number of mid-level and low-level characters running around.

    A lot has changed in the sub vs F2p area and I'd suggest you start out F2p. Godslayer is now open for F2p players after purchase and a lot of the premium dungeons are open too.

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    If you like PvE, yes.
    If you like PvP, no.
    mechanno says no

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    The only really populated server is Crom, but it's still a lot less people than a couple of years ago. There are two new raid tiers: T5 and T6. T5 is just a recycled T1 with new mechanics, and T6 is a whole new instance.

    Raidfinder was also added, which is something like PvE minigames where you sign up alone or in a group to end up in a raid for a different PvE raid encounter every week, with very dumbed down mechanics, giving you a tremendous buff every time you wipe, and too good rewards for its difficulty (T3 and T4 relics, Rare Relics and Dragon Tears, silver or gold, and Atlantean Shards). When you have collected enough Atlantean Shards you can buy a legendary ring and other minor stuff.

    So most of the people online will be doing RF all the time and, if you want to pug a Khitai hardmode or any other 6man dungeon, you will find it a lot harder than in the past. I think that what happens quite regularly other than RF is PvP minigames.

    The third week of the month, usually (two weeks after WB starts), the PvP event starts. In Crom it's only in Border Kingdoms and you get different types of games with very good rewards, better than Bori and actually involving PvP.

    The difference between F2P and Premium is that with Premium you get +30% bonus to most of the types of experience you can get in the game, and +50% or +100% bonus to some tokens, and you can also claim Loyalty Rewards in the Item Shop (some minor goodies; no big deal).

    Offline levels and Veteran Tokens were removed from the game.

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    I recently came back and noticed a lot of people in Tortage. I got help both in chat and for some quests.

    So, I'm enjoying my come back a lot, except for pvp purpose since I've never seen at least one person queing for a minigame...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patoson View Post
    So most of the people online will be doing RF all the time and, if you want to pug a Khitai hardmode or any other 6man dungeon, you will find it a lot harder than in the past.
    I know a lot of people dislike Raid Finder, but I for one like that it was added since I'm getting to see dungeons that I probably wouldn't otherwise. I've noticed most of the pug calls have the requirement of 'exp' added to them. If you never get to do the dungeons it's hard to become experienced. Atleast with RF those of us that don't qualify for their pug's get to experience the dungeons.

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    You would end up seeing them as you joined better guilds that did those dungeons or raids. When I started playing the game, I joined a small guild more focused on RP, and we joined a pug raidforce where we cleared T1 and T2. Then I joined a better guild and saw T3 and T4, and years later when I came back from a long break I've been able to see T5 and T6, even T3.5 before the big nerfs, and Lurker at HoC, and done all the dungeons in the game, when some I had never seen before, like Pillars of Heaven or Jade Dugout.

    You can always apply to a good veteran guild where you can learn a lot more and see what you've been missing.

    Raidfinder indeed shows you the scenery, but it does not show you the mechanics at all (maybe just a fraction of it), and with a mechanic that makes you godlike more the more you wipe, then it doesn't encourage learning. It does quite the opposite, allowing people to exploit wiping to get Rallying Call, or, even if they don't, they will still manage to clear the place because of the buff without really having to put more effort than during the wipes.

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