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Thread: LF T5 Raidforce

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    Default LF T5 Raidforce

    Hi im looking for a Raidforce that does T5 on a regular basis (during the week and not at weekends) to join mostly with Sin , but also other classes are possible if needed.
    Preferably in German or English , but spanish also possible.
    Does anyone know a good address, since Crompugs seems to have been gone for some time ?
    Typing on mobile
    Excuse mspellings and strange auto erections
    (current) Mains: Slackjoint (tos), Daraiios(sin) , Quorrin (DT)

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    X.Legion stopped guild raids and hosts only pugs now. T5 runs every friday. Don't expect too much, since they accept everyone as raider (even Stahlmauer ), but some of them are still good players.

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