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Thread: T3 shillelagh of soggoth

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    Question T3 shillelagh of soggoth

    Hi, i am taking into consideration that weapon for a Conq / bs / barb. Still thinking for which one. But the question is, is it worth money? Is t3 Still the best weapon? I like to Play pvp. And if the blunt is not worth its price, what would you say about other crafted items for DT. Shields or t3 1hb is worth anything?

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    The 2h is worth it if u want the best, but not realy nessesary, the other crafted gear not worth it all imo, exept ibis for dt
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    If you just want this weapon for pure DPS (slotting combat rating gems into it) then I wouldn't recommend it, T3.5 has the BS damage blunt that has more DPS than this overpriced thing. Some say that the T3 crafted weapon is bugged and critical hits hit harder but I wouldn't waste 500 gold for that weapon while you can get the same (with constitution for some health) for free from ez mode T3.5.

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    Yes the stats is not what makes sogoth good, its the bugged white hits that can crit for an insane amount of dmg.
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    depends what you play,

    I say there is more value in sogoth for a conq, cause:

    one, you have a lot of crit chance
    two, you don't take a massive hit in survivability, which a bs does when giving up that 80 con. conq already is way comfortable, so it's s big win.

    but whatever class you use it on, it's hella fun, and one of the only (if not the) crafted weapon to still consider endgame. ibis is strong, but you can find equivalent, or better.

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    So in few words, it's worth 1500-2000 gold. Is the shillelagh considered as the weapon only for pvp? Does it have any use in pve or should I forget about it? 2he ibis is not my cup of tea, I like blunts so get rid of it and second question, what type of gems fits the best? I see Conqs ( not many though ) using fire gem, and the one that heals, no idea how're they called, or using protection gems or full combat rating.

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    On a conq you don't want to use a Sogoth in PvE for tanking, because you're missing strength (armour). Other than that, it works in both PvE and PvP. In mine I put all combat rating gems, with element when possible, since that's mitigated with protection and not armour.

    About which toon to get it for, I'd go with barb or conq, since on bs you usually have priority for 2hb in raids, making it very hard to get a good blunt like the one from T3.5 as a barb or conq.

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    It's bugged and has no stats. Other crafts have more utility, this one is just for fun.

    Funcom will probably never fix it... intentionally.

    All this talking made me run the strawman a few more times and either something changed since 2013 or I really underestimated how weird this weapon is.
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    nothing changed since 2011 when I first got it.

    It was a damn fine surprise.

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    And what would you say about waning boundary DT shield? My dt is on 6 pvp level, almost full t4 but still using blue shield from Yag. I think that shield is fairly good in terms of pvp, and pve sińce it's the best protection shield in game. Ehh, decisions decisions

    Or maybe maniacal harm?

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