Due to awesome content patching from Funcom (Arena/New store/New free to play/RF) and in the mean while loosing some of our core/old players we having hard times to fill and maintain our own higher tiers raids (T5/T6). So after a democratic procedure we decide to seek any Guild that wants and is willing to make an alliance of a raid team from 2 guilds to play and raid together in higher tier content, of course we dont expect anyone to roll immediately on T6 but we will need a transition time to play together and start from lower tiers like T4/T5 in the start (even T3.5) to actually learn each other and play like a raid team.

Guild timezone is the normal European time 20:00 CET
Usual Raids days are Tuesday/Sunday and sometimes Wednesdays

For any additional info/questions send a pm here or an ingame tell to Atallanti or catch any officer of us.

In the mean time we have open our raid planner to external players that cant but they want to raid on T5/T6, ofc some gear restrictions are in place cause after all you cant come with RF attitude in T5/T6 but our basically requirement is a mentality to learn and play good your class and adapt on each moment.
Link for raid planner : http://raid.awakeningofevo.co.uk/index.php/