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    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to collect some pieces of armor such as savage tattered loincloth for vanity, but I can't find any after the first initial area of the game. Is that the only place to find the armors that drop there? Is there any way to redo it to get those items?

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    Some of that stuff does indeed only drop in the Tortage Island playfield, to which you can't return after you've left it. But since that gear isn't bind-on-pickup, you can simply create a new character, do that area again and then mail the loot to your first character once you reach Tortage city. One way to do the Tortage Island playfield multiple times with the same character is to kill the mobs etc. in it but then not exit through the gate that leads to the City of Tortage playfield; instead, just log out, wait some time for the instance to reset (probably 10-15 minutes) and log back in again; your character will still be in the Tortage Island playfield but the mobs will have respawned.

    Another option is to look for these things on the tradepost where a lot of people are selling them, usually quite cheaply.

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