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Thread: what is your best in the game ?

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    Default what is your best in the game ?

    hey everyone i just want to start a fun topic

    what is your best ( 6 man / raid boss / place / solo dungeon etc ..

    Mine :

    6 man : Sepulcher of the Wyrm and T'ian'an District <3

    Raid boss : T4 Zodiac (the old version)

    Location : Paikang

    Solo Dungeon : Forgotten city

    Mini game map : Blood Ravine

    i hope you guys share yours
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    6man: Tianan district
    Raidboss: T5 Honorguard
    Location: Paikang Sewer
    Solo Dungeon: PASS
    Minigame map: Hallowed Vaults
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    6man: Iron Tower
    Raidboss: T4 Sheng
    Location: Field of the Dead
    Solo Dungeon: Refuge of the Apostate
    Minigame map: Don't like any. Some Battlekeep fights were fun.

    Edited: After some thought, I like the design of T4 Sheng better than Vistrix.
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    6 man: The Slithering Chaos

    Raid boss: Lurker at the Threshold

    Location: Kara Korum and House of Crom

    Solo Dungeon: Forgotten City

    Minigame map: bleh

    I value lore and atmosphere the most, hence my picks. House of Crom and Kara Korum have really cool backstory and the ambience is perfect. I took a break shortly after DS was released, so now I'm all up in those serpent men.

    I can't forget about all the old stuff though:

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    6 Man : Sanctum / Amphitheater ( I love the acheronian theme)
    Raid boss : Not a Single one that would stand out imo
    Location : Lacheish plains / Ardashir
    Solo Dungeon : Isle of Iron statues
    Minigame : LT
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    Before I proceed, may I say that this feels like a girl's diary with a questionnaire from school (your favorite crush, actor, animal)?

    Six-man dungeon: Black Castle.
    Raid boss: none after the recent patches that killed raiding. Archifiend of Gore before T3.5 was destroyed by inept developers.
    Location: Temple of Elrik for its dark theme.
    Solo Dungeon: Bubshur's House.
    Minigame map: Lost Temple.
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    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    6man: Vile Nativity
    Raidboss: T4 Emperor
    Location: Khopshef
    Solo Dungeon: Refugee of the Apostate
    Minigame map: -
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    6 man: Sepulcher of the Wyrm

    Raid boss: The old T4 Zodiac fight

    Favorite Specific Location: Probably the Mammoth Headed Sphinx in Kheshatta. I also really like the little old village outside OT beyond the Conarch Wagoneer.

    Favorite Region: Khitai - I like the colors and atmosphere of Khitai, especially Chosain and Paikang.

    Solo Dungeon: Refuge of the Apostate

    Minigame map: Jhebbal Sag

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    6man: Xibaluku (yeah still)
    Raidboss: Original Zodiac
    Location: Chosain Province
    Solo Dungeon: -
    Minigame map: -

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    6man: Vile nativity/HoC, Pillars of heaven, sepulcher of the wyrm
    Raidboss: not a single one but some parts of them, i like the begining of the fight agains't General Sheng, but kiting 2 adds and CCing runners is meh... i like the part in t5 yak where you have to use your mount to get through the entrances, the fight is ok but repetitive, Entity when done as it meant to be, not with the character swapping, and never had the chance to do it but the lurker of the threshold is the best boss concept of them all...
    Location: Vile nativity/HoC , Conall's valley, boarder range, Caravanserai, Purple lotus swamp, Poitain, Tesso, the hyrkanian camp at the entrance of gateway to khitai, the bamboo forests of northern grasslands, the red forest of chosain, the rice fields of paikang and the little isle where harambe lives forever...
    Solo Dungeon: Forgotten city, used to like the isle of iron statues, but after so many times there, is no longer that attractive...
    Minigame map: None

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