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Thread: Update 5.1: Slithering Chaos Consolidated Feedback & Known Issues thread

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    Then what would it hurt if boss would show cast then do damage instead on casting and doin' full damage same time. It scripted and all who know sequence do it anyways. Makes it easier to learn.. there is no mad skillz to learn when to run in front or to boss' sides and jump on stuff, but lags make extra hard to react in split second.
    Casts is between 1.5-4seconds long, what u are implying is that your latency is over 1500ms at every boss cast. Which is either a major overexaggeration or internetproblems on your side.
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    Default Piki piki ram

    After one update they did on January for some weird reason my game when i step on SC and Wyrm, which is the same instance/clopypaste zone, my frames go from 50-80 to 8 or 10. If i go some where else my fps go up again in normal numbers - even if i experiment with lower values etc problem persist even if i re-log.

    So i would prefer to fix their servers/engine of the game instead of lowering the already low difficulty of the game.

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