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Thread: Game is constantly crashing

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    Default Game is constantly crashing

    I've not been online for a week or two and now the game crashes all the time. It can take 10 seconds after I start playing or a few minutes. It happens during normal gameplay like pvp and leveling doing quests.

    This is the error I got:
    (the file has stopped working)

    Other info:
    I've just removed Mcafee due to it messing up my whole computer (disabling network and such).
    I use a custom UI: DefaultUIEnhanced v2.5.7
    I've done a system recovery to few days earlier.
    I've done a repair files when starting AoC.

    Any hints as to what I can do to fix this?

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    Play without you custom ui for a few hours, when it has not crashed you can confirm the UI causes the problem.
    I am Stian ingame...

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    That screen capture looks like Windows 7? Is that correct?

    There are numerous windows updates for Windows 7 that has an impact of how stable AoC is. Look for these updates and uninstall them if you find any. KB2492386, KB2670838, KB2484033, KB2488113, KB2506928, KB2511250, KB2522422, KB2545698, KB2547666, KB2786081, and KB2799926.

    If Mcafee screwed up things for you, and hence the rollback you did, double check you actually have full ownership of the folder where Age of Conan is installed. Go to properties of the Age of Conan folder, hit Security, Advanced, click on "change" where it says Owner right at the top, click advanced and find now, click your user that you are logged on with, and confirm the settings. It refreshes access to all of the folder with your user.

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    Tried using default ui, but it didnt help.

    I uninstalled all the updates you listed, Shax, and I havent crashed yet (about 20 minutes of game time), so looks like that did the trick. Thank you
    Strange though that I needed to delete them, as they seem to have been installed in 20014. No idea why they suddenly should cause a problem. Oh well, dont ask, its Microsoft...

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    I remember I had problems with that KB2670838, some prerequisite for IE 10 / 11 on Windows 7. Random game crashes. The other updates are submitted by various others on these forums through the years. Hope it works for longer than 20 minutes :-)

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