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Thread: Lag and the patcher is stuck in downloading patch information

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ackteon View Post
    And one more day no answer about technical issue))) The solution is a top secret...
    They want you to waste time emailing them because it makes them look like they're doing it correctly and can spam you with a email survey.

    As far as the answer to why the patcher gets stuck downloading..... well it could be a number of things....

    A. Slow internet or ISP blocking

    B. Bad Anti-virus/Firewall

    C. Corrupted files or broken LocalConfig.xml

    D. Strange UI not fully uninstalled.

    Things to test... what is internet speed.... can you ping the game server.... do you have another game folder or TL client to check......
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    Thanks for the answer! I was able to partially solve this problem, thanks to this post,
    but only by removing one file: RDBHashIndex.bin in RDB folder. Slowly, but the update is complete.

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    How comes there are no comments/complain about the ingame latency issues basicly all the time? lag spikes inc :/

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