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Thread: LF Guild almost new player

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    Default LF Guild almost new player

    Hey, i am looking for a guild to play and have some fun and get some help and info about the game, mabey raiding in the future.
    My experiance in the past with this game is kinda low, i tought i would come back and try this game out again.
    About myself: im a 25 year old that likes to play games for fun and giggles, also serius mode if raiding occurs but also having the fun side while doing it
    Im not sure myself what to write more in here im not that good with words

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    Best to check global chat for guilds who active when u online, enjoy your stay if u want fun an giggles fury all day of the week
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    Thank you for the reply, i posted here becouse i was downloading the game and wasnt sure.

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    Are u EU player or us? Pending on play time depends on guilds open to u, global chat is best way to see who active PS some guilds great others are not so great best to grill officer also don't take random guild invite. If u make player char on fury message me and I'll help you learn the game and class also pointers if possible
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    I am more of the person that plays pve and im from eu but if i ever wanna pvp if i change my mind il pm you

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