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    As in the title. I recently found a gem script that shows me the different gem types in chat. Unfortunately, it only worked once. For some reason, putting in that command doesn't seem to work. It says the script does not exist, even though it is in a text file and saved as the same name as the command. Does anyone know why?

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    sometimes Windows is so "smart" to add ".txt" when saving the file in certain text editors,
    so maybe you need to just call that script via "/whatever-name.txt"

    safest way is to only typing a few initial characters and then press <spacebar>
    - this will open a list with all the matching script titles

    -> this can be fine tuned if you cluster all your scripts accordingly to be typo-safe:
    start all your Khitai scripts with "k6", all raid scripts with "r1", "r2", "r3" a.s.o. for the different tiers,
    all quest related scripts with "q" ...

    this will ease you script-calling by just typing very few letters + <space>; no more mis-typing

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