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Thread: Zerg finder t6 lady and lotus

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    Even for raid finder, its a t6 raid, it should be difficult... want the rewards? be patient or do something else

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    It felt like the bosses had around their real HP values and they're just counting on the noob buff to make up for that. Also the fire DoT in the rocknose fight really needs to be toned down.

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    No doubt this week's raid finder needs some tuning.

    Luckily we had a raid where we had 22/24 in guild, after noobing unicorns because we were cocky and decided screw mechanics, then realized we couldn't, then we were able to 1 shot zelandra.

    So the 2 non-guildies got an "easy ride"

    But very unrealistic to expect the typical raid finder raider to do these fights without lots of pain and suffering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tman1991 View Post
    you mean 2 hours?
    Well, he posted 3 hours so I said three lol

    We have people in here knowing the fight...and are on wipe five or so. I already have the pet so if I can get it done on bear idk if I'll bother.

    Its hard enough to find one of these things: if its this hard they won't pop.

    Please fix this Funcom: its not going to make new players enjoy RF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cappa View Post
    just over 3h to finally have this cleared for my dt :/ the problem is that people cannot handle the boss's mechanics and struggle to bypass it with brute force dps (14 min 59 sec fight vs Zelandra was kinda awesome actually !).

    and proved that the one-shot-timer is set to 15 minutes : that part was less painfum than the rest
    We've spent whole evenings on Zelandra before

    Not tried this Raid Finder yet, I've decided that the less painful approach to this is to wait a few days until a) nerf, or b) players get experienced.

    So how is it? I reckon both Flames of Bel and that unholy aoe nuke is severely nerfed. What about shadow blades and neesa blades? Still double Hammer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubium View Post
    Idk why you guys decided to put t6 into this mess frankly. Guess t5 was too hard?
    Asking for something that was explained before in few monthly letters aren't exactly veteran way. It was said from beginning - raid finder with lowered difficulty was designed to let people who aren't competent enough to do normal raid to experience story. What's sad, RF version lacks journal, so it isn't exactly working. Rewards were just added to give incentive to repeat it and bring veterans to help. As some RF nerfs shown, it was never about mechanic - so no point to add t5 if newbies can do t1 and see those bosses with no effort.

    As for difficulty, yes, it can take even 2h to clear those bosses (and I believe that was reason to split instance into 3 parts), and I didn't manage to get Unicorns before RC5, but for first time with T6 I'll see some point in doing RF and having scraps of joy. Yes, those raids are wipe-feasts, but so were eq. Ordine Della Rosa t1 pugs in 2008/2009 and I still were joining some of those raids. So no for nerf, let difficulty eliminate 24h/day farmers and let newbies have some fun with killing anything else than straw man. No one said each week every "vet" has to do RF with each of their 36 toons or farm with one 500 shards weekly.
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    seems best tactics for this raid is to wipe 5x and then kill it dont waste time trying it first time
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    Compared to what they have done to Zodiac this is rediciously hard. On the other hand it's the first time that the loot is justified by the difficulty ­čśČ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanaton View Post
    seems best tactics for this raid is to wipe 5x and then kill it dont waste time trying it first time
    I heard rumors; that if you wipe too fast, you don't get the buff ~ any truth to that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinauer View Post
    I heard rumors; that if you wipe too fast, you don't get the buff ~ any truth to that?
    Yes. If you wipe too fast you don't get it. Not sure what the time is. Probably 2ish minutes at least.
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