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Thread: AoC Stream tonight! I have Questions

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    Default AoC Stream tonight! Join The Community

    I would really love for some of you guys to come to my live stream and simply talk AoC with me, I really want to get back into the grind of things for the fact I spent years playing this game ( First MMO ) doing pretty much pvp every day, all day.

    I want to know whats the other amazing features in Age of Conan so I can continue to make content till Conan Exiles comes out.

    I would love to get into a active guild, so we can focus on the time I have to it's fullest result. build an amazing adventure though amazing content.

    please fully understand I respect your opinion and will reply to your reaction as a huge fan of AoC. good or bad

    stream is over for tonight, but thank you if you happened to stop by! I will post here when I go live again soon!

    UPDATE** 8/18/2016
    We Are Live, Tonight is the night we practice them skills and get back in order of things!

    Join us -
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    Default Stream went amazing thanks

    the crown goes to CROWN! lol thank you to the new friend that stayed though the rough side of the stream till the end it meant a lot to me to see a new name in the stream

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    Consider streaming through twitch. Youtube streaming is horrible in comparison. Trust me I know.
    Live Twitch Stream - Fury PvP - US East Coast Prime Time - Rated MA

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