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Thread: Necro PvP 101

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeuss View Post
    There are things on point obviously, anybody who know how to play necro see these but when he writes
    1) Always use supreme lich(personal opinion supreme lich is useless unless you want to duel).
    2) Never SW (especially with these pugs minis when you can wipe a whole team in a matter of seconds if you are smart enough and not rely on FtW to just steal kills).
    3) Most op ccs when barb,conq,pom,,demo,ranger got better cc's(frozen hatred is retarded op though).
    4) Noone else come close to what I do,(what he does exactly?).
    5 And to back everything up he post a pretty bad spec with the comment that its the only viable spec which Jerohn already explained why its a bad spec.
    Ok I'll try to do a better job than khramps at defending his point.

    1) That's him valuing mobility and survivability over raw power (this is one of the cases of bias i was talking about) and this i asume is based on premades more than pubs. In most premades you will not be even close to as free to do as you want and you can argue that supreme lich is better than chilling breath, even though i also tend to prefer chilling breath.

    2) Again a premade thing.

    3) Don't agree much with him here as not having an unavoidable kb (conq) will never make you have the most op CCs, but necro CCs are better than pom/demo for sure and also one of the best in game.

    4) Mostly an american thing

    5) The spec isn't bad. I've been using something almost identical (small differences) and it's the one i always go back to even when trying different things.
    On why it's good over a lich build, i think khramps explained it in detail. In short the reason it's better is that it doesn't have a downtime.

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    I respect everyone opinion and just as you guys will keep defending your point of view I will keep defending mine, so lets agree its a matter of prefference and playstyle, in minigames premades or pugs personally my favourite pvp build will always include lich form despite the 5 min cd and chilling breath.

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    Also he is american dont he? It means nearly no latency against ppl with 200+ms ping.

    I dont say hes a bad player coz i dont think so. But every average necro can reach top kills if he is 10pvp. Even bad players with good gear can do it. Nothing special. Its just sad that most necros think they actually KILLED ppl which counted to their score but its not. Necro really kills about 50% of his score, other frags are just leeched by dots.
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